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don't let technology become a barrier to communication come tell a story stranger than fic

Before twitter, before text messages, before the printed word there was the spoken word, but in this day and age, storytelling is something of a lost art. The goal of this meeting is to encourage conversation, and personal connections between a seemingly unrelated group of strangers and friends in an unconventional way.
Theme: Stranger Than Fiction
Time: Tomorrow 7/25 at 8pm!
Location: Star E Rose Cafe @ 2403 NE Alberta

Please come and support! It's a great way to make friends... or just realize the people walking around you every day are people too, after all.

The storyteller's project is this--each time we meet, we have a theme. Each person who wishes to participate gets 3-5 minutes to tell us a personal anecdote (or a fictional one) about a memorable time in their life, or in a life imagined which relates to the theme with no props or musical accompaniment--so leave your guitar at home. You are not James Taylor. Improvisation is encouraged, but if you would like to read aloud, go ahead!

Sometimes things happen that are so surreal, so fantastic, or so horrible that they don't even seem true. From the subtle realization that the people you spend your time with live like characters from a prime-time soap opera, to the day you won the lottery, to your adventures growing up as part of a new-age commune--some things don't happen to everyone. On monday, come tell us a story about the phantasmagorical adventure you'll never forget, the family fanatic, or perhaps the family legend.

The Portland Storyteller's Project is FREE and ALL AGES*. Everybody is welcome! We tell our personal anecdotes, practice awkward jokes and read our themed fiction at the Star E Rose Cafe every second and fourth Monday of the month. Improvisation is always encouraged, but remember to keep your stories under 7 minutes by having a clear idea of what you will be talking about. No one's a judge, and everybody is a listener.

* The storyteller's project is candid and unrehearsed, some stories may contain adult language and subject matter so use your discretion with the kiddos.

You can RSVP to this event on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=246461648711208

Make sure to "like" us as well!

homepage: homepage: http://www.prolixities.com
address: address: 2403 NE Alberta Street