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Racist Fliers

Racist fliers found in SE
On Tuesday 7-19 I saw an average looking (meaning he wasn't an obvious bone head) middle aged white guy going house to house leaving fliers around SE 47th and Oak. It caught my attention only because he didn't have any clear identification or uniform. Today 7-20 I was back in that neighborhood and saw that one of the fliers he left hadn't been picked up by the resident of the house, so I grabbed it to check out. It was a standard 8.5x11 double sided page describing "black on white racism." It told of "mobs" of black people beating up individuals in the mid West, and implied that these activities would reach Portland. One side showed a picture of a young white female victim and a still from a surveillance camera of a group of African American youth. The implication being that this group beat someone up, but it could have been a picture of anyone. The text called for whites to stand up for their racial group blah, blah, blah. The usual bogus line.

Be on the lookout.

thanks 20.Jul.2011 21:38


Thanks for getting the word out. Do you have a way to scan the flyer? I would like to take a look.