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KBOO is in deep doo-doo and it's scary!! I improved the lyrics from Neil Young's "Ohio" to let you know a little of what I mean....

Closed boards and StratPlan coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I see the drowning,
Community dead in K-B-O-O.

Gotta get real with it
Financial-types are cutting us down
Should have been seen long ago.
What if you knew KBOO
And found her dead on the ground
How can you pretend you didn't know?

Gotta get awake now
Apathy is keeping us down
Should have unified long ago.
What if you knew a hypocrite
And saw favoritism all around
Who really is running that show?

Gotta empower ourselves
The Real Wealth is all around
Could have been thriving long ago.
What if you knew the truth
that KBOO was born of the ground
We can't let this treasure go!

Membership decisions coming,
We can do this on our own.
This summer I say the prayers for,
The people's ray-dee-o....................

WeAreKBOO.FM and we endorse the comng anti-oligarchy revolution at kboo.fm 20.Jul.2011 21:43

kboo foundation's avatar for satan incarnate info@WeAreKBOO.FM