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The Spanish 12 NEED YOUR HELP!!!

Support the Spanish 12!
Taken from TheSpanish12.wordpress.com / Please visit their website if you encounter broken links on this post:


July 19, 2011
by thespanish12

If you represent an organisation or association, below you'll find a list of all the things that you can do to support the twelve activists who now or in the past have worked for the organisations Equanimal and Igualdad Animal, and who are now being unjustly charged with offences in a case that clearly attacks the defence of animal rights.

It is fundamental to bear in mind that this case is not, by any means, something that only affects those activists who have been charged, or the organisations that they work for. In contrast, it is a process which represents a grave threat to the whole animal rights movement.

Firstly, this case intends to criminalise an entire form of activism, which includes any type of non-violent civil disobedience or direct action, the carrying out of undercover investigations, open rescues of animals, and so on.

And secondly, because it de-legitimises animal rights defenders and presents us to society as criminals, violent people, extremists, or worse. It is an attack, therefore, on the freedom of speech and protests by our movement, whose consequences could be very grave indeed, even more so when the base of the accusations is absurd.

For this reason it is of utmost importance that support extends throughout the world, with the following aims:

-That the twelve activists currently on bail awaiting trial are not sentenced to prison.

-That the media abandons its current position of hostility and contempt for animal rights activism.

-That the damage caused to the animal rights movement in the eyes of the public is reversed, and that the animal rights movement is recognised as a legitimate social justice movement and not related to the absurd, false accusations that we have been victims of.

The fact that people have been unjustly charged due to their work with Equanimal and Animal Equality has spurred these organisations to form this campaign against the repression of the movement. Nevertheless, this campaign is in defence of the animal rights movement as a whole. For this reason, in the different demonstrations and events taking place, there will be no use of logos or branding by the two organisations involved, Equanimal and Animal Equality.

It needs to be made clear that the protests and events in the campaign are not by individual organisations, but protests by the movement as a whole under the umbrella of the campaign with which we encourage the participation of dedicated people to defend the legitimacy of the animal rights movement.

If you belong to an organisation or association you can support us in the following ways:

Let us know that you want to join the campaign:  info@unitedagainstrepression.org

Send the following press release to the media showing your solidarity with the activists.


We request that you send the press release unaltered, and maintain the same spokespersons at the foot of the release. This is very important as any additional information may harm the activists that are currently on bail and even alter the development of the case.

Publish information on your website about the case and the campaign, to be found at UnitedAgainstRepression.org, accompanied by this *banner and the petition available at the following link: *Here
*Banner Link:  http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/4282/26223522646002405389222.jpg
*Petition Link:  link to www.thepetitionsite.com

Share news of the different protests occurring in different countries together with information on the case with your email contacts, forums, e-bulletins and social media networks. This means more people will find out about the international campaign and expand the network of support for the unjustly accused activists as well as the defence of the animal rights movement in the face of this attack which seeks to criminalise and de-legitimise animal rights work.

Share and upload the different campaign profile images to your facebook, twitter and other internet accounts.

Help us to get important personalities to join the campaign, and encourage them to get in contact with us via email:  info@unitedagainstrepression.org. We need people such as artists, philosophers, lawyers, journalists, politicians, etc. to show their solidarity in the face of this unjust process.

Conduct interviews with the campaign spokespersons and upload the interviews to your websites.

Distribute the campaign leaflets in your area. You can download them here.

Take part in the protests that we are organising using the official campaign material which can be download here.

Organise or help in the organisation of conferences and events to inform people of the campaign and encourage them to lend their support.

Leave donation tins for the campaign in places available to you.

Make a donation to help us offset the immense costs we are facing both in legal fees and the cost of running the international campaign, in the following ways.

Bank account: Banco Santander 0049 1759 58 2990022193 / IBAN ES530049175958299002219

PayPal:  https://www.paypal.com/ie/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=8l2bFbFmPZpun2YZcu_2NoDxxCdxV91MsASMwAXOFreORM9FWEZMl6iDHPe&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8deaa77efc63a6eb429928d42bdf5d9d2c

For more information, write to:  info@unitedagainstrepression.org

or call: (+00 34) 600 427 239 / 637 227 966

homepage: homepage: http://unitedagainstrepression.org/