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Rebuild the Dream

This past weekend in over 1,600 houses around the country, and in every single congressional district, citizens gathered to discuss their current situation and to take action to rebuild our version of the American dream. This is my report.
This was an action organized by a coalition which include Moveon.org, unions, and tons of groups like Code Pink, Green for All, Move to Amend, and many, many more. Over 25,000 people participated in this first public action to put forth progressive ideas from the grassroots. I hosted one of the 1,600 meetings this weekend.

I live in Portland and 20 people registered to attend. In the end, just 6 showed but admittedly, I did a poor job of reaching out before hand to ensure a higher participation. Still, in the end, I hosted a nice group that was 5 women, and 2 men with ages ranging from 40 to 70 years old. Half were Democrats, a few were independents having recently dropped their Democrat registration, and I'm a Green party member.

I believe the purpose of the meeting was to begin organizing the grassroots and to use a public process to create a progressive type of "Contract for America."

The public process started by requesting ideas via the web which resulted in over 23,000 ideas being submitted to www.RebuildTheDream.com. These were ideas to strengthen our country, improve justice and fairness, and strengthen our economy for all.

The 23,000 ideas were voted on by the public with over 5.5 million votes being cast. From those 23,000 ideas, the organization brought forth the top 40 ideas divided into four categories with 10 ideas each. At the house party on Saturday, we discussed the ideas and each of us determined our top 3 ideas in each category and a top 3 overall.

My top 3 choices were:

1. Ending Corporate Personhood
2. Medicare for All
3. Reducing Military Spending

The meeting lasted a little over 2 hours with each of us taking turns sharing stories about the impact the current economy has had on us, and sharing stories of the times we felt our community our country was at its best and made us proud.

I believe there will be a follow up to this in September with a goal of expanding this by factor of 5. I hope you'll visit the website www.RebuildTheDream.com and get involved.

homepage: homepage: http://www.RebuildTheDream.com