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Video: Undocumented and Unashamed "Coming out of the Shadows" 7.2.11 in Portland Ore.

Filmed in Portland Oregon on July 2 2011 at City Hall
The (NWIYA) NW Immigrant Youth Alliance gave a presentation on immigrants and being undocumented in America.
Various young adults stood up and and shared their personal dilemmas due to being undocumented.
There was music, poetry a dance presentation, powerful personal testimonies, and a march to Pioneer Square.
The presentation is blessed with drumming, song, incenses and indigenous dancers.

Young people one by one stood (unashamed) up to the podium and told personal testimonies and then shared their frustrations, of being undocumented and how the current laws are hurting them and ruining their lives, and treating them like criminals.

(80 minute video)

After the dancers, Amanda Fritz gives a short speech about being an immigrant at age 21 and her recent support for the Dream Act.

Members from the NW Immigrant Youth Alliance took turns speaking, the youngest was 8 years old.
All of the speakers announced "I am undocumented" which was met with a round of solidarity applause.
Many were wearing shirts with the words "Undocumented"
The speeches were in English and Spanish.
Many of those who spoke, told how they have been here all their lives... who came here with their parents at a very young age.
Now they are young adults, and are standing together with dignity and solidarity against a system that is criminalizing them

As their dreams seem shattered, and their goals to succeed over-ridden with fear of arrest and being ripped from their families and homes
These youth are boldly speaking out about our broken system ...
These youth need the communities support.
They are "our brothers and our sisters".
Hear their voices ...they are undocumented and unashamed.
"They are not alone"

There is a FB link here w/ more information:

The event ends with some of the group caring a banner and chanting slogans as they march down the sidewalk, in a group of about 50 ... they march to Pioneer Square.

No police or any uniformed authorities were present that I noticed.
Portland Copwatch was in there.
Over 100 people in the audience I would estimate.

Oregon New Sanctuary Movement is offering assistance to undocumented people through information and legal help.

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com/id19.html

Un-doc-u-ment-ed 18.Jul.2011 20:30


does this work both ways?

Meaning, are whites in Mexico, those there illegally, afraid for their lives?

Whites are being slaughtered in Mexico - in a drug cartel / state sanctioned cleansing.
true "independent" media would report the truth both this.

hey syd 18.Jul.2011 22:39


Interesting comments. Cite your data. What's this about white undocumented in Mexico? I actually am not familiar with this about all of these white people who live illegally in Mexico. In what cities do they live illegally? When and where has this slaughter of white people in Mexico taken place? How did you learn about this? I am REALLY interested in learning about this.

Also, why your focus on Mexican undocumented in the u.s.? Do a little research. Mexicans are the largest demographic but not the only demographic of undocumented living among us. Do more research if you are at all interested, regarding the daily fear that the undocumented immigrants of color live in here in the u.s. as the target of racist violence, murder.

To the organizers of this event: Great work! Keep it coming. Next time tho, maybe more translators for Asian, African and other non-English speakers. And I do understand how incredibly brave these kids are to come out, still, it would be great to here speakers from other countries as well. But, again thank you!!! So awesome.

just saying 18.Jul.2011 23:19

hear the voices

sounds like your wanting more (sic)reporting on the mainstream Drug War fear propaganda, hysteria, etc

listen to these people in this demonstration and try not to just think of, only ones own self interest.

maybe you do know something?

maybe "you do have a story"?

feel free to share it.

but right now I'm listening to the voices of these youth, which is not really about the (failed drug war)