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What Rupert Really Tells Us

It's all about the rich and powerful going down? Hardly. What this tells one is how the rich and the powerful have manipulated your life.
Murdoch is only a face. Nothing more. One chosen to do the deeds that those who hide behind corporate and governmental masks may not want you to know. Myself, if I owned one I would dump my cell phone down a sewer. It's one of the things this 'scandal' should tell you. Your phones can be easily hacked, are hacked, and it's been done for a very long time. (While I've read little of the current Rupert revelations, I believe I saw that they'd been hacking phones since at least 2002?) So if Rupert can do it, who else can?

You may believe that your cell phone is indispensible to your life. Has it been that long since we did without those things that we've forgotten how to do without them? Isn't it bad enough that these little things are mandated by law to track you incessantly? Isn't it bad enough that if one wishes to know your business that all they have to do is intercept your information? But, then again, you wouldn't be climbing Mt. Hood in the middle of winter thinking you can just call in the 'copter or that they'd locate your body through the GPS in your phone.

What Rupert really represents is an idea. The idea is the control of your life through the networks in which you participate and allow to exist. Think about it...

Nonparticipation is the only remedy. Don't just replace Rupert's face with another equally complicit. Replace it with your own.