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Ban The Bag Rally and City Council Vote!

As you may know, the Oregon State Legislature recently failed to take action on SB 536, a bill to ban single use plastic bags in Oregon introduced in the 2011 session. Following up on their commitment from the rally many of you attended last year, the Portland Mayor and City Council have brought the issue back up and now the local Portland effort is heating up.
July 21st - City Hall at 3:00pm

We have tremendous buy-in from the city, but we need your help to push this ordinance through. We're so close to eliminating this unnecessary trash in our beautiful city and it's time to act.

RSVP for the City Hall event to  banthebagpdx@gmail.com and get a complimentary Ban the Bag t-shirt!
We need your support again at Porltand City Hall on this Thursday, July 21st at 3:00 pm, it would be great to see a packed chamber like you helped us do last year, wearing your Ban the Bag t-shirts! And if you don't have one, RSVP and we'll give you one to keep! The hearing is not until 3:45 but we'll be having lots of fun outside of city hall prior and encourage early arrival!

July 21st - City Hall at 3:00pm

We're looking to pass an emergency ordinance, meaning the ban would go into effect immediately (but enforcement would allow time for businesses to comply). The emergency ordinance is important, because this staves off out of state industry from blitzing our citizens with a misinformation campaign fueled by incredible amounts of money to protect their interests, not our common one. We've been patient. Our coalition of environmental groups and businesses was close to a victory last summer, but we acknowledged that a statewide solution would be better so we gave it a shot. Having witnessed the dirty tricks by out of state industry in Salem during our legislative season, we grew impatient.

July 21st - City Hall at 3:00pm

Now it's up to us to make history in our own town. Now is the time for you and I to say, no more. Now is the time for us, together, to fight and win but we can't do it without showing our elected leaders our support on this policy. Let's do it..

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If you haven't already done so, please act now by signing our petition!


Bag Monsters!
Rumor has it the bag monsters, Sassy the Sasquatch and the salmon may be making an appearance! Remember how much fun the last rally was? Don't miss this one, be sure and join us on July 21st at 3:00pm at City Hall in Portland!

Portland Chapter Surfrider
4001 SE Ivon St.
Portland, OR 97201

Using Bioplastic Bags is more Realistic than an Outright Ban 29.Jul.2011 05:49


Rather than "banning" all plastic grocery bags, people should consider the feasible use of bioplastics, which are biodegradable plastics made from plant sources such as cellulose, corn starch and other natural sources. There's a fundamental problem in trying to completely ban a type of material that's common, useful and used everywhere else in the United States. Rather than this extremist approach, which will likely continue to fail, it's more functional to promote and encourage the use of bioplastics while phasing out the use of plastic grocery bags made from petroleum sources. The continuation of an outright ban on plastic grocery bags isn't realistic, whereas using bioplastics is.

Bioplastics Article 29.Jul.2011 14:45


Here's an article about bioplastics: