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Anarchist General Assembly (July 30th)

Call for anarchists of all stripes to assemble on Saturday July 30th at 6pm at the BlackRose infoshop. General assembly from 6-8 followed by capture the flag in the park!
For the past year there has been a lack of discussion throughout the body of the Portland anarchist community. Without the intensity of events to propel us toward gathering and communicating we have let our cohesion whither and return to a state of disinterested and fractional friend groups. This meeting is being called to reaffirm our interest in a broader anarchist community, and cooperation within it.

Proposed topics to be addressed:

- Portland Anarchist Assemblies (Should they occur and how frequently)
- Frashour Mediation / Potential Reinstatement (What should the anarchist response be)
- Anarchist Projects (What projects exist in Portland. How are they operating)
- Open Discussion (Call outs, announcements, ect.)

*disclaimer* This is an opportunity for discussion open to all anarchist identified people. Being an open forum, we should all approach conversations with the understanding that we are not in a secure environment.

clarification on agenda format 28.Jul.2011 22:31

your input is desired

All are encouraged to come to the Assembly with proposals, action items, or ideas that need discussing with the larger community. The agenda has been formatted to utilize as much participant input as possible. We will be using small group discussion as a tool for hearing the variety of ideas that folks deem important to address.