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Portland Anarchist Bookfair Schedule and List of Vendors Announced!

this is the list of vendors and speakers for the Portland Anarchist Bookfair as of july 16th.
Schedule of Events
10:45am Maintaining Anonymity and Privacy on the Internet by Hackbloc

12:15pm basics of Political Remix by Bmedia

1:15pm Have you written your Political Prisoner Today Building a NW Support Network by Oregon Jericho

2:30pm Anarchy in a Disaster-Prone World by John Zerzan

4:00pm Connect the Dots 101: White Supremacy and the Prison Industrial Complex by Connect the Dots

5:15pm Rapid Consensus Decision-Making Workshop and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Reading by Margaret Killjoy

11:30am DIY Vegan Deodorant by Sam

12:15am Alternatives to Mainstream Emergency Medical Services by Rosehip Collective

1:15pm The Implications of Autonomy and the Abolition of Politics by Autonomy Cascadia

2:30pm Radical Self-Defense by Jeff Monson

4:00pm Ecodefense Workshop with North Coast Forest Defenders and Karen Coulter of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project by Earth First!

5:15pm The Politics of Sex-Positivity by Ariel of Beyond Patriarchy

Ambient Transient
Autonomy Cascadia
Beyond Patriarchy
Bitch Magazine
Black Rose Infoshop
Cat And Mouse Distro
Combustion books
Connect The Dots
Corvus Editions
Eberhardt Press
Entangled Roots
Haymarket Books
Feisty Filthy Feminist Press
Just Seeds
Kids in Black
Laughing Horse Books
Long Haul Infoshop
Megan Speers
Oregon Jericho
PDX Books To Prisoners
PM Press
Portland Freeskool
Potlatch Library
Red and Black Cafe
RoseHip Collective
Slingshot collective
Strangers in a tangled wilderness

The 2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair! Taking place in the Smith Memorial Ballroom at Portland State University. This is a free two day event for radicals and free thinkers of all kinds.

homepage: homepage: http://pdxanarchistbookfair.blogspot.com/

is this true? 17.Jul.2011 22:06


i'm attending, and I'm really hoping what I've heard about Jeff Monson speaking isn't true. Jeff was responsible for patriarchal intimidation and domestic violence two years ago and, instead of taking responsibility for his actions, blamed COINTELPRO rumors. This is not someone who needs more of a platform.

Jeff Monson 18.Jul.2011 21:20


Jeff Monson WILL NOT be appearing at the bookfair.

Not really thought out... 18.Jul.2011 23:33


I fail to understand why Jeff Monson was uninvited.

To preempt a shitstorm coming my way, I want to say a few things first:

Domestic violence is unacceptable. One partner physically abusing another is unacceptable. In the radical community or anywhere else. Whether the partner or the victim is male, female, trans or anything else does not make a difference. It is always unacceptable.

Further, domestic violence is not limited to direct physical force. Threats of violence, condescending comments, bullying etc. are also a key part of domestic abuse patterns.

Finally, I believe that when one person in a relationship accuses another of abuse, they have a right to be heard and believed. People do not make these allegations lightly, unlike what certain dominant discourses would like us to believe.


In adult romantic relationships, people get hurt. When relationships end badly, people are likely to shout profanities at each other, decry the other's personal traits and habits, badmouth the former partner and, regrettably engage in physical violence.

I believe that the last item on this list falls in the category of clearly unacceptable behavior. However, the former ones are simply part of people fighting. Ugly as such scenes may be, they do not necessarily mean there is a fucked up power dynamic at play, or even that there is a clear winner / loser, let alone victim or abuser.

Thus after a cursory search for Jeff Monson's alleged domestic abuse, I would like to share the single source I have found that extensively cites the alleged victim's interpretation of events (based on my statement of believing victims).


Please ignore the dismissive tone of the author with regard to the serious manner at hand. However, please do pay attention to Stephanie Trapani's statement in which she openly admits to throwing Monson's phone out of a moving vehicle. Upon finding this out, Monson smashed Trapani's laptop. So far so bad. Sounds like an ugly breakup. However I do not see the power dynamic in this situation being one that is excessively unbalanced. Two former lovers got mad at each other and broke each other's shit. No threats of violence were made, no actual violence inflicted. Is this then domestic violence?

The aftermath:

According to this article ( http://profightnetwork.com/jeff-monson%E2%80%99s-domestic-violence-charge-dismissed/) Monson was cleared of the domestic violence charge. I am not one to blindly believe what courts decree. I have more sense than that. However it does appear that for once the court system has correctly identified the situation (broken watch being right I guess).

Anyway, just my two cents. Hope I do not get chewed out needlessly. If people want to argue, I am more than happy to have a reasonable discussion and will consistently use the same moniker. I am not the enemy, just a critical voice.

The specialists in oppression censor someone else... 20.Jul.2011 13:05

A Nonny Mouse

Why is he being denied the space to teach a workshop if there is actually no domestic violence incident that happened? And, even if there was, is barring someone from our scene the best way of dealing with it? Does that mean we now have a one strike and you're out policy?

It sounds like the over enthusiastic crowd that are very happy to hunt about for anything that could be considered racist/sexist/homophobic/insert your choice of oppression here/etc.. It's like game of point scoring pseudo-radicalism, pointing fingers at anyone that doesn't fit the perfect sub-cultural image you have of yourselves, and it's leftist youth identity politics at it's worst, and shouting loudest over imagined things just over-shadows the real horrors that happen in both our scene and society at large.