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Trans & Womyn's Action Camp Workshop Schedule

Mostly finalized
** 2011 Schedule **
We are still accepting workshop proposals! Please send your submissions to  twac@riseup.net


Wednesday July 27th


* Cob Oven/Natural Building: build and use a cob oven for camp!

2:00p - 4:00p

* Biomass

8:00p Performance/ Art / Poetry




*First Aid and Self-Care for Cyclists: basic first aid & injury prevention,
as well as brief info about bike fit, preventing/treating weather-related
illnesses, and nutritional stuff for longer rides.

2:00p - 4:00p

*Punk, Polyamory, and Patriarchy: Competition and Cultural Capital amongst female socialized folks within Polyamorous circles. The zine includes narratives
from both female identified, male identified, and gender queer folks
describing their experience with the subject described above. A facilitated discussion, with hope to continue expanding this project... collecting different narratives and ideas...

8:00p Telling Our Radical Stories




*Queer History is Radical History: This workshop will give an overview of some of the highlights of queer and trans history with a significant focus on the intersections with the history of people of color. Topics will include colonization, the stonewall riots, the AIDS crisis, how understandings of gender and sexuality have changed over time, queer and trans participation in movements for social and environmental justice and queer and trans resistance in general. This workshop will be focused on United States history but may touch on examples from other countries as well. The goal of this workshop is to inspire the audience as well as provide a deeper understanding of the roots of queer and trans oppression. This workshop will be mostly presentation but audience questions, participation, and contributions are encouraged.

2:00p - 4:00p

*DIY gynecology skillshare: (herbal cramp/yeast infection/BV/ jock itch/menstrual mood fluctuation remedy stuff)

*Field Checking 101

8:00p Sprockettes!




*Coal Export in the Northwest: Overview of proposed coal export terminals in Oregon and Washington, where the coal is coming from and going to, and who/how we will fight it.

*Affinity Groups, Collectives and How We Work Together: A dynamic workshop utilizing activities and games to explore the roles, purpose and use of affinity groups, collectives and other forms of self organizing. Using methods from popular and experiential education, we will look closer at the ways we work together in the direct action and radical organizing context.

2:00p - 4:00p

*An Introduction to Transphobia and Cissexism: This workshop will attempt to incorporate basic and intermediate information about transphobia/cissexism as a system of oppression. This workshop will be part presentation and part group discussion. Workshop attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and contribute their knowledge. This workshop is designed for allies but anyone is welcome to attend.
This workshop will include a few handouts and zines which will be offered to workshop attendees and may be available for conference attendees in general.

8:00p Performance Night: poetry, dancing, music



*30 Years of Earth First! and Conservation Biology: A composite workshop outlining the History of Earth First! and the science of conservation biology (Karen Coulter)

2:00p - 4:00p

* Sex Work: This workshop will be a facilitated discussion by a Portland based exotic dancer in the sex work industry. They will be gearing the discussion towards self-empowerment, self management, and talking about the pros and cons of such an industry. They would love to co-facilitate with other workers in the sex industry.
- Steph Boston, TWAC

8p- Craft Night/Action Prep!


MONDAY, August 1st ** DAY OF ACTION **