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"The Game Is Afoot"

"Into The Streets"
My Hero
My Hero
Individuals For Justice will be on the Hawthorne Bridge this Friday once again, we will stand against these F-Wars and my sign this week will support David Swanson's argument that Murdock and Fox News have blood on their hands. My sign will read:

Fox News

I would stand in front of Fox but they are in Beaverton and that would take more planning, but a thought. This channel 12 Fox is part of the madness that is Murdock and the War Mongers that sell death and destruction, good article by David Swanson is at:


So once again I ask you to join us at 1st and Madison, on the West-side to remind people going home that we are still at war, my count is 6 wars. The number of deaths keep going up, and less people are in the streets--not a good sign.

I will also go before the city council next Wednesday about 0930-1100 to talk for 3 minutes about "Joint Terrorist Task Force, JTTF--- Sit-Lie(Lie) and why I believe that all three officials up for re-election will be defeated in 2012. I will also talk about Mayor adams dictatorial powers that will not allow anyone to applaud unless sam says it is ok. Should be fun and informative! So if you are in the neighbor of City Hall stop and say hello, I be the guy wearing a t-shirt that says;
(On the back)


I like walking around town with my message Ts, people smile when they read them. I have another one that says:


There are other demos you can join, they all need support:

Oak Grove: McLoughlin & Oak Grove Blvds by Fred Meyer Saturdays from noon 'til 1p.m.  link to groups.yahoo.com

Estacada : corner of Highway 224 and Main Street Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon. Contact: Peter Hamer,

Beaverton: corner of 5th and Hall, across from the Beaverton Library.Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30  washcopeace@yahoo.com

Lloyd Center: Saturdays, 11am - 1pm, NE 13th and Multnomah Streets @Lloyd Center More info: Lily at  caribpoint2002@yahoo.com.

Fridays 4:00 pm - 5:00/30 (EVERY FRIDAY)
SW 1st and Madison, on the Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon
Contact Joe Walsh for more info at  lonevet2008@comcast.net

Fridays 5:00 PM Pioneer Square

(Thanks Margaret)

"That's All Folks!"

For Justice,Peace and *Laughter,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals for Justice
Veterans Against Torture
Proud member of Oregon Progressive Party,  http://progparty.org/

War is failure, occupation a disgrace!

"Funding these wars is killing our troops"

* Why laughter?? Because without it I would have gone insane years ago.

Sen. ** harry reid must be replaced as Majority Leader, call me when you agree or just go away!

An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
Mohandas Gandhi

Thoreau may have also brooded over the reaction of Emerson, who criticized the imprisonment as pointless. According to some accounts, Emerson visited Thoreau in jail and asked, "Henry, what are you doing in there?" Thoreau replied, "Waldo, the question is what are you doing out there?"

Molly Ivins, "It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong."

Video: STOP THE F-ing WAR Protest July 1 2011 15.Jul.2011 01:11

Ben Waiting

STOP THE F-ing WAR Protest (fikmed on July 1 2011)

Held Every Friday on the west side of the Hawthorne Bridge at 4 PM
Organized by the Individuals For justice

Part 1.  http://youtu.be/6A7A9OaBUjY

Part 2.  http://youtu.be/cMHgcX1EEDs

Ahhh, So Much Stupidity 15.Jul.2011 10:03

Ain't ben waiting

Yep, into the streets don't work so well when you got a marxist community organizer in the WH, does it joe. Now, if a rethuglican were to do what Obama has done, then we would see a great wailing and gnashing of teeth by more old hippie idiots. At least Joe Anybody/Ben Waiting continues to suck up to you dumb ass and damn you with faint praise.

Are you kidding me?? 15.Jul.2011 15:04

Lone Vet

"The commies are coming, hide your children," have not heard this dribble in years. If one thinks that obama is a Marxist, you are delusional and should see a doc.
study the picture
study the picture