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2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair

The 2011 Portland Anarchist Bookfair is happening on July 23rd and 24th at Portland State University. It will be hosted by Students for Unity and be completely free. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, being a vendor, or volunteering please e-mail us at  pdxanarchistbookfair@gmail.com.
Portland Anarchist Bookfair
Portland Anarchist Bookfair
A tentative list of speakers, workshops, and vendors for the bookfair!!

Ariel of Beyond Patriarchy
John Zerzan
Margaret Killjoy
Jeff Monson
Connect The Dots
Just Seeds
Entangled Roots
Microcosm Publishing
Black Rose Infoshop
PM Press
Oregon Jericho
Strangers in a tangled wilderness
Icarus Project
Rising Tide PDX
Combustion books
Eberhardt Press
Bitch Magazine
Beyond Patriarchy
Corvus Editions
Autonomy Cascadia
Ambient Transient
Long Haul Infoshop

homepage: homepage: http://pdxanarchistbookfair.blogspot.com/
address: address: 1825 SW Broadway Portland OR 97201