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An Appeal to a Racist on Portland Indy Media

I'd like to speak to someone who's been posting racist propaganda on Portland Indy Media.
This is meant for someone who last week posted something overtly hateful and anti-Semitic, and I believe in the past has said things overtly racist.

I would first like to say, that I believe I've seen you on here before, saying things like "we hate all white people" while making the claim that Muslims and Arabs support Muammar Gaddafi. No they don't. Muammar Gaddafi gave money and arms to Slobodan Miosevic during the Bosnian war to kill Muslims in a scenario quite similar to the Holocaust; something that both Muslims and Jews went through.

I posted something that night that I was very drunk when I wrote and too ashamed to go and looks at, because when I read things that take facts about Israeli war crimes, and they ARE commited, and use the prevalence of Jews in the media, a stereotype created by racists, the same racists who kill Muslims, against us, I cry. I remember growing up hearing about the Holocaust, every day. Remember pictures of piles of bodies stacked on top of one another, some of them could very easily have been my family, who are from Galicia, and were never heard from again. I remember being in elementary school and my first Christian friend, who came after my first Muslim friend, cringing and cowering at me when he I had told him "I don't celebrate Christmas, I'm Jewish." He told me to get away from him, "I'm not supposed to talk to people like you."

What Israel does to Muslims is horrible. The media's coverage of it until a few years ago was hollow and one sided. But again, the best news outlets at reporting Israeli war crimes are either run by or staffed by Jews. There are no secret meetings between Jews where we get together and talk about how we're going to take over the media, or the banks, or whatever else early 20th century racists came up with, and are sadly perpetuated by other minorities because at the moment, my people are institutionally all-right.

We've also been here before, our rights were slowly coming back to us through out the 18th and 19th centuries, the Holocaust and Russian pogroms put an end to that. Pogroms, as in a time when my people went through what you, an African American's went through in this country.

You've also said, "I hate all white people." There have always been white people, Irish, Italian, English, Russian people citizens and diaspora who have fought, and in many instances died for African and African American rights. All people given the right environment are good and altruistic.

You also in your anti-Semitic rant used a stereotype, I forgot the phrase, the something "machine," which was created by the C.I.A. in regards to right wing Zionist yellow journalism and how it can be used in regards to Islamophobia. It was used incorrectly in regards to what you said about the O.I.C. not publishing a full report on Islamaphobia and using the argument that Jews created anti-Muslim feelings in the United States. These might be seized upon by hypocritical media moguls of Jewish decent who are looking to make a quick buck, but the O.I.C. doesn't care about what Jewish media moguls think, because they publish things about Orthodox Jewish extremists as well.

And fuck anybody who used the media incorrectly, Jews are prone to the same negative attitudes and ethnocentrism as any other group. But for every Jew who engages in these attitudes, there are 20 of us to jump down his throat. Jon Stewart, the comedian's favorite subject seems to be media hypocrisy; and his Jewish roots.

I Googled your name, and I'm sorry, but when someone puts up a posting with a Jewish Caricature made to look like a big scary evil man and a bunch of children with zombie like eyes I have to know who I'm dealing with. I need to know you're not a neo-Nazi.

I believe you're a homeless man, in which case I'm very sorry for you,. I understand you must feel like the entire world is against you. I'm not, nor are the other white people on this website. I think you're the man who organized the tent city downtown. You're a revolutionary, that's AWESOME. We might have even met actually. I think you know my friend "Siren." I actually believed we had a conversation on Judaism and Islam and it's similarities before. It's something as a Jewish non-zionist (though still in favor of a Jewish state) I like to have with Arabs and Muslims. I've gotten words used in regards to me like "cousin," and "people of the book." You have our, both of our patriarchs name. That's really cool.

I would gladly stand with you as a Jewish American for both Muslims rights, and homeless rights. I think you should really devote your time to homeless rights as best you can. It's something that without a doubt people do not put enough effort into, and rely instead on the belief that "someday the government will fall anyway," or whatever. Homeless rights before anarchism. Go socialism.

I'd also like to say to the people at Portland Indy Media, I know you have lives and shouldn't have to police this thing all day, but you let this awful anti-Semitic garbage sit on this site for two days, while I've seen a personal attack in poem form against me and a rant against white people taken down within hours. You're a collective, this is supposed to be the gold standard of radical politics. This is where you're supposed to be censoring instead of throwing people out of bookstores for making jokes about being Libertarians. I'm sure this is in reaction to the fact that someone was ACTUALLY saying something about Islamaphobia, and using actual fact in it which would be something worth pointing out used in the correct context. But what that article was was akin to an article making an argument that my people still engage in blood Libeling. You're supposed to be showing us that this is a fair balanced media outlet and that as a Jew this is a safe environment. You usually do a very good job of that, this time, epic fail.

I'd also like to say to the man who posted above my rant, who actually thought that it was legitimate, "not until they start..." as in Palestinians deserve what they get. Fuck you. You're an idiot and a hypocrite. Only when people are given the rights and freedoms that every man, woman, and child, Queer, minority, whatever deserves do people act in altruism. During the Holocaust when driven to starvation man would steel bread from their children. A broken spirit only looks to spread it's own disease. It's a cancer of the spirit, and only a free society to love, grow, and learn is the cure.