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Boycott the zoo concerts til Packy is free!

Sign this petition and share with all your friends. In 2008 Metro and the Zoo asked the voters to pass a zoo bond measure, in part to support an offsite preserve for the elephants. Here it is 2011 and where is the preserve?
Voters in Portland supported a $125 million bond measure in 2008. Part of that money was to go to the development of an offsite preserve for the elephants. The elephants now have 1.5 acres for seven elephants. The zoo plans to expand that to 6 acres sometime in 2012. However, the zoo also plans to keep breeding elephants so that six acres will really not be that much space--and 7-ton elephants need a lot more space than 6 acres. That is why we passed the bond measure--to provide them with a large multi acre offsite preserve. The Zoo and Metro have not made good on that promise--Metro says it has optioned land, but there is no timeline for the preserve to be built. Packy is 49, Tusko is 39, Rama is 28. Elephants do not live forever, in fact at 49, Packy is way over the average for a zoo elephant. Send a strong message to Metro and the zoo--boycott the zoo concerts, which are big money makers for the zoo--until they honor the intent of the bond measure and allow Packy and the other elephants to experience the freedom to roam, something they have never been able to do.


homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/REAL-Friends-of-Packy-and-the-Animals-of-the-Oregon-Zoo/198274823541369

Why Not 11.Jul.2011 22:00


Boycott the Zoo as well?

Until ALL are Free 12.Jul.2011 00:43


It is terrible and miserable for all enslaved in the zoo for humans to gawk at. Zoos should be boycotted until ALL are free, not just one of many.

Packy and other 23.Jul.2011 09:40


OR find a way to work w/zoo to get this retirement -roam pasture - expidited! lets get it rolling and make it happen,.. I think there is a time to start the hard talk and a time to be willing to help find whats the hold up? and how can it be solved. just a single persons apionion.