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WiFi FBI Surveillance?

I just witnessed something creepy!

I know you folks don't like Starbucks, but they have good wifi and coffee. However, I am in in Starbucks right now. When I clicked to see the various wifi networks in the area, one of them was called "FBI Surveillance Van #32" It disappeared about fifteen minutes later. Isn't that weird? Do you think it's someone who just named their nearby home network that in order to deter people using their wifi? Are those real names for FBI surveillance van networks? I also just noticed a dude in a black t-shirt and jeans walking around Starbucks. He's outside right now. He has a gun attached to his pants, and handcuffs hanging out of his pocket. Yet, he is wearing a t-shirt and jeans. What the fuck?

no, it's real 10.Jul.2011 13:28

community surveillance of fbi

more info on spying 10.Jul.2011 19:46


here is a link to NPR on the same issue.  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=92207687

probably not 11.Jul.2011 09:59


I'm thinking it is probably just someone naming their wifi network something weird. If you cruise around town with a laptop you'll see a wide variety of names. You can basically set the network name to anything.

I doubt an actual surveillance van would name its network such. They might as well just paint the words "undercover" on the side of the van.

zzz 11.Jul.2011 11:54


i kept seeing one popping up by my old apt around ne24 and kills. helluva prank if it is one.