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Jews, Anti Semitism and the Media

I'm trying to put my peoples place in sociaty into perspective.
First of all, fuck anybody who says the Jews own the media, the Jews might even run the media, but that's let's take that as a point of contention for a moment.

Is this an evil plot, or the byproduct of a group of people who lived under lock and thumb for over a thousand years and when finally looking the prospect of free speech in the face took advantage head over heels.

The first Jews who ever went into media went in via Vaudeville and comedy. Like black folk after the 1960's, think Richard Pryor was the politically conscious Groucho Marx. Do you really think people who went into comedy had a vision in their head that they would someday "own the media?"

And in regard to "owning the media." Owning the media and running the media are two separate things. If Jews "owned the media," I don't think that so many of them would have to in this day and age have to change their names to work in the media.

I myself was inspired by my peoples past to start my early adult life in theater.

It's a shitty dynamic. And the Los Angeles Times is a Zionist dumb fuck rag. And the New York Times is benign and useless unless it's posting stories via Wikileaks which, by the way, is run by an anti-Semite. But The Guardian and N.P.R are also run by Jews. Are those Zionist rags?

How bout all the editorialists for Al Jazeera?

What about Noam Chamskey, Howard Zinn, David Mamet, Allen Ginsburg, Jon Steward, my boy Lewis Black, Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Marx?

And people will blame us for ethnic stereotyes in movies. Do you think gentile's would do any better. What's the ethnic conceptualization on B.E.T. of an African American on a television channel owned and run by an African American?

Fuck the media, and who owns the media and runs it and who panders to who is always bullshit, unless it's a man of integrity. Fuck Jews, blacks, Muslims and whoever sells anybody elses dignity for a quick dollar.

Jews, my people, should be less quick to be hypocrites, but there isn't another ethnicity who wouldn't or hasn't done the same. So let's stand as men and women against hypocricy instead of you's v.s. us.

Cause we've still had it as rough as the worst of any of you. Seriously, this is not something made up. My grandmother came from a family of 16 16, there are 7 of us left. You thank the Holocaust for that. To hell with any body who thinks that cause we we're allowed to make money that we're not in this with the rest of you. Turns out not all persecution has anything to do with class war fare. Turns out some people just like to watch other people scream and cry in pain...just for their own amusement. For kicks.

We started the N.A.A.C.P., bankrolled the Harlem Renaissance. Who was the the last third of Dr. King's last planned march, my people. Who were 60 percent of the civil rights lawyers in the 60's, my people. We've stood our ground with other people as a people, whether it was in the Spanish Civil War, or in this country cause the taste of free air spurred our blood to love our fellow man, and enough to say we're good people to stand in support with Muslim American's toward building a Mosque at ground zero. We're not a racist people, even if we're fighting these attitudes at the moment.

But I do not own the media, and neither does my family, or any of the other Jews who bust their asses in the name of free speech. If other people have a problem, instead of persecuting and perpetuating stereotypes that in the end only end up in my Aunt Laura with a bullet in her head, how about they stand up, and try and gain prominence in that community, or do better and try grassroots ways of spreading their voice, without saying that my mom who can't work her fucking computer but still spent her life working in an i.c.u. cause she "love's people" and all the other Jews who busted their ass in the name of Peoples Rights throughout the years are part of the problem.

The media panders to whoever is there to benefit, if dumb fuck Christian Americans and chicken shit Zionist's are the one's with the money (thank you Europeans for letting us owned money while you watched us burn), than that's who they're pandering to. Fuck capitalism, but if anybody says that I"m part of the problem as a Jew, as a Jew who would and will fight for Palestinian statehood, and socialism (anarchism, communism,) for the (K)id, "go fuck yourself."

Down with anti-Semitism and up with a Palestinian state.

Let's work together on this, not all Jews are Zionists, and even within those who are maybe we can work with em, huh? You fight racism, not perpetuate it folks. And since the original Zionist settler WERE socialists...

For a Palestinian state at all costs, let's define and differentiate Zionism, especially the monster it's become from Judaism and the right to form a Jewish state. How we do this is the motherfucker, but let's work on this. Fight for Palestinian rights, boycott Israeli goods, but my Jewish ass'll be doing the same...because I"m a Jew.

Anti Semitism made this and America was there to take advantage. Let's show em both we can beat this.
Ya boy