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Rainbow Report 2011 - Dispatches From Rainbow Gathering

I love you!
Filthy Hippies
Filthy Hippies
"Hey! We dont all wear potato sacks! How dare you, some of us are naked and covered in mud!"

The night before Mike, Stephani and myself shared a bottle of Beaujolais at the neo-gothic sandstone park before sharing another at the catholic church w nuff smoke and spoke of nazis and children. This steadied me as we climbed three thousand ft up an active volcano to camp in a wetland. It wasnt my idea of a good time but what the fuck. Five cars followed us to a snow-packed dead end and i couldn't smoke. rules, until we arrived. the driver was shit like a six yr old w a remote control car. but i tried to relax. i had a sense it wasn't my time yet. we also escaped a few patrols. I think a few of the freddies might have recognized me from my tree sitter days. ah yes i thot, wherever i go im home. old pals. they were like this in la rite b4 they swat team gave us the bird. as a team. the real entrance was clearly marked by a police disco and a hundred drunk, filthy hippies a few ft from the 'wrong' turn. another mark of an expert pilot. careful decision making at
junctures. im glad we took a sec to get out and look around.

I was talking to some punks, there favorite thing at the gathering was tripping hippies into the mud and having them say to me "I love you brother bear". . . . what king of tripping are we talking about?

_Quest for spamalot OR The legend of Festeroo:_

We were invited to dinner by cannibals. An aging carnival worker told me about dancing monkeys and cut out cardboard elvis'. He explained how it was his job to take peoples money by making them feel good. Meganational NWO founded by carnie roots. Caveot emptor. We shared delicious salmon
gruel and coffee indistinguishable from rain water.

_"There are times when even being right... feels wrong. . ." HST -_

It WAS rainwater. Oh god. It looked like a scene from terminator where they have camps of human rebels calling one another comrade. Humorless as the bible and a possible sighting of Job. It was rainy and foggy parked with white shanty's like something you'd see out of some god knows where third world hippie ghetto. I met a hermetic<?> old dude with a fancy mustache-beard who told me of things long ago (while i was out shopping for dry fuel). He showed me an ancient manuscript. One of three he told me left in known existence. Printed with something called 'silkscreen'. Some magic Atlantean tech. no doubt, lost forever to the ages. : It told of a time in 1972 when hippies or 'tribes' would buy three thousand acres of land and 'gather'. I imagine to poke smot and fuck. But they would never admit to THAT. He told me 'they', the rainbow farm- later founded in wa state wanted all the communes and
co-ops to get together and just "see what happened".
Brilliance. Right after vortex. . . and my pricklers shot right up. Well they would have were they not matted and soaked. This was a gov. led 'coup'? party?? To draw hippies away from the city. . .

... The whole place rank of semi-communist, plutocracy where the kitchens were power-grabs and everyone else "never brought anything" and are serfs for thin kale-beet soup.

I brought my own food as was frogs advice per-woodstock. I'm glad I asked, and glad he told. People were mystified by what wax as a fire starter, one person asked if it was soap; apparently not being familiar with either. Another accused me of being a witch when I tossed some copper sulfate into the smoldering-wet barrel fire. Immediately then a redneck pulled up asking for directions and I climbed in and bailed out.

The deeper down the road into the hobo jungle with camps scattered on both sides the infobooth & extra camping gear ironically was the very end of it (3 miles on foot) right into straight up marsh. Surrounded by rising water form massive record-breaking snow melt. It was like a game of 'lets play refugee!' Some one asked if I had 'neer been camping before with a stoned grin. Bitch"! I'm disabled from frostbite and shit from 'camping' /being homeless for the last 13+ years. I - know - better - than this shit. Another asshole asked me if I was learning to walk when I mentioned the ground that was pure moguls. . "I'm cripple" I told him. "only if ya want to be brother bear". The mud on path was 6-7 inches deep in places fo long stretches in my attempt on the infobooth; which I never made it to.
I don't know what they could tell me I couldn't more or less see for myself on my horrid trek. Maybe it was a sick joke. After I had left the gath. someone told me they had blankets. I was freezing even in the sun, and unable to sleep the night before. Although at the gathering I was told by a gypsy at om-ixnay to go to wallmart. I guess trading my several ounces of OG kush & dank chocolate wasn't on the table. Rainbow seems to be a blackhole for information and brain cells. Hawbale told me before I didn't get it. I'm glad I went cause I shure do now. I was told at every turn what I could & couldn't do, very __
Free speech isn't recognized at rainbow. Hence no asking for coffee when the welcome booth ran out. Spanging was 'not cool'. Nor was alcohol. What kind of bourgeoisie
facist crap? apparently sit-lie has been passed at rainbow. Ask Eugene camp. It was worse than Canada, much worse. I may not believe in sasquatch, but I know the drainbow exists, and roves looking for its next victim. happy Halloween!


Anyone who tried to leave was way-laid by roadside thieves. We weren't supposed to 'spange' but invite people for 'coffee' then shake them down after we figured out what they had etcetera. Klassy.

not my experience 10.Jul.2011 11:35

Gatherer w/ some constructive criticism & pros and cons

I experienced the 4th of July Circle for Peace and it brought tears to my eyes to see the circle be completed before the ohming stopped...

I felt that younger folks are stepping up and doing a lot of the work nowadays... which gives me hope, in a world with very little to hope for... and 3 babies were born onsite this year!

This is the second year in a row we haven't had to sign a permit, instead working with the Forest Service to develop our "operating Plan" which was huge - also a lawsuit was won against treacherous gov't instigated "permit signers" in New Mexico who never set foot on the land and so had no standing to "represent" gatherers... the first win in 16 years...

There wasn't a lot of "info" for first time Gatherers, so I would like to make more signs next year for trailheads so people can find out the basics before needing to be told/reminded of our traditions - I made a lot of copies of "rap 107/701" but not enough... www.welcomehome.org -  http://www.starsrainbowrideboard.org/welcomehome_mirror/rainbow/ -- check out "focalizer's info" for info about traditions we try and honor at every Gathering

All in all, I enjoyed this gathering a whole lot, but I did arrive early, and so was parked a lot closer to the trailhead than most folks.

The walk in was more difficult because of the parking on the road deal... people should have been told to take the road instead of the trail who were carrying heavy packs; that was definitely an unfortunate circumstance, and I don't know why people weren't told to walk another 150 yards or so for an easier walk when they first arrived... Again, if I thought that was important enough, I should have been standing there letting people weigh the other options...

I guess after going to these things for so many years, I've figured out that if you aren't enjoying yourself or connecting with folks at one kitchen or area, just move along to another one, try and plug in, and if it feels right, stick around... Just like any town with 10,000+ folks, there will be different areas that don't appeal to some, yet that appeal to others... find your niche or complain about what a lousy time you had!

Participation is the Key.