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Video; Papa Murphy's Workers Protest 7.1.11

Employees and friends of the workers, of Portland pizza company, protest on 15th and Fremont.
This was filmed on NE 15th and Fremont in Portland.

These workers and friends were protesting the management of the Papa Murphy's pizza company.

In frustration on trying to work any resolution to unfair labor conditions the workers are taking it to the streets.

This was their first day out telling the community how their working conditions have deteriorated.


homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com

A second protest picket is on 7.22 20.Jul.2011 14:36

Joe Anybody

July 22 picket round II

Same corner @ 4:00 PM

Protest Number 2 - video taped 23.Jul.2011 11:32

Ben Waiting

A second protest was on July 22 .... same corner in NE Portland

The word is: more protests will be forthcoming

joe anybody.com filmed protest #2 and the video will be coming soon

... right here on this newswire post ((( i )))

Video from July 22 (#2) 24.Jul.2011 19:58

Joe Anybody ((( i )))

(15 min)

here is protest Video Number 2 from July 22