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BMedia and friends Variety Show #3: Earth Day Inc.

EPISODE #3 of B Media's monthly variety show was inspired by GREEN CAPITALISM and connects indigenous and environmental struggles at Hood River, the Bank of America's financing of the Alberta Tar Sands, City Repair's Earth Day festival, the economic justice rally in solidarity with Wisconsin, and ties it together with Slingshot's radical history of April (the cruelest month), an unexpected visit by a cadre of Unemployed Superheros... and YouTube cat videos.
View episode here  http://blip.tv/bmediacollective/variety-tree-earth-day-inc-5288049

This episode explores the connections between environment destruction and the economic and cultural systems that enable it. Movements and actions by groups like Rising Tide North America, City Repair, the PDX Climate Justice Coalition and the alternatives they advocate for are contrast with the banking system and unchecked capitalism, the increasing atomization of American life, and the Tea party. Our goal was to highlight the people doing important work in our communities, and single out the elements distracting us from that work on a daily basis.

Green capitalism is the process whereby our modern day economic system masks itself in perfumed oil rigs and virtuous donations to grand causes, while maintaining corporate control and industrial-level production that destroys our environment and communities. No structural change will originate from CEO's whose job it is to maximize profits. Our economy favors mass industry, war, cheap production, ignores pollution as "externalities," and completely disregards the un-quantifiable effects of having local, healthy, human-centered interaction. This model must change.

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