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Zerzan Interview w/Peter Young

I have an idea and I would like others to comment
John Zerzan, along with his co-hosts, has a fabulous show down in Eugene called "Anarchy Radio". Peter Young has a fabulous website, but he also does interviews from time to time with radical interviewers. Two great tastes that taste great together? Peter Young going on Anarchy Radio w/Zerzan can only produce more awesomeness. I am thinking about making a facebook fan page type of thing where people "like" the page, to see how many fans I get on the page. Would anyone else love to hear an episode of Anarchy Radio wherein John Zerzan interviews Peter Young? Please comment if you're interested.

I'd read any interview 03.Jul.2011 22:31


of or article by Peter Young - he's a great activist.

Without knowing about Zerzan specifically, my impression of primitivism is that it's anti-animal rights, and these people tend to believe that animals are to be used as resources. So I don't think it would go over that well. It would have to be more of a debate, I'd think.