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women hassled on 39th

Between Powell and SE Gladstone on 39th women are regularly hassled by men.
They cross examine every woman they can find looking for low self esteem, weakness, ignorance. It was so bad a lady in our building came home crying once. She just wanted to come home from work. I was hoping maybe you gals out there had some ideas. So far I had the idea of Roller Derby (or some other crew of woman who are magnificently powerful and beautiful at the same time) to maybe patrol that street and have some sensitivity training for them.
They are easy to find...they are the only men you can hear cat calling from far away. They have women running away from them like woodland creatures in front of a forest fire.
What kind of Moms raise men who do that?

Dykes on Bikes 01.Jul.2011 19:25


we can patrol that area contact our club