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Lead informant in ALF / ELF Cases Sentenced to 5 Years

Infamous snitch Jacob Ferguson arrested on drug charges, sent to prison

From Voice of the Voiceless

Infamous snitch Jacob Ferguson arrested on drug charges, sent to prison

The man who wore a wire for the FBI and sent over a dozen people to prison for ALF / ELF actions is himself now going to prison. Jacob Ferguson was sentenced this week to 5 years for ?manufacturing, possessing and selling heroin?, according to court records.

Ferguson rose to infamy after becoming the lead informant in the ?Operation Backfire? FBI sweep. The arrests led to prison sentences for


over a dozen people on arson charges for ALF / ELF actions going back almost 10 years. Three of those charged ? Joe Dibee, Josephine Sunshine Overaker, and Rebecca Rubin ? are still on the run.

His role in over a dozen arsons claimed by the Animal Liberation Front / Earth Liberation Front made him a valuable asset for the FBI. When he secretly began cooperating with the government in 2004 to send many of his former friends to prison, he accepted a plea bargain which called probation only and no prison time.

That ended this week when a recent drug bust finally led Ferguson to prison. He is also expected to receive a federal prison sentence in addition to his 5 year state sentence.

Ferguson sent people to prison for the following ALF actions (in addition to numerous other ALF / ELF actions):

Cavel West horse slaughterhouse arson (1997)

Burns BLM wild horse corral arson (1997)

Childers Meat Company arson (1999)

The government?s sentencing memorandum, detailing every action Ferguson implicated others in, can be read here.

For a well known snitch, the prisoners where Ferguson is going are likely to be even less forgiving than the judge who sent him there.

- Peter Young

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