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A Call For Greater Accountability

I'm calling for a better process of accountability in regards to radical institutions in Portland.
This is going to sound a little vague, but I'm trying to do this with no communication skills and not to embarrass anybody, especially people who might be neutral and get caught in the middle of this.

I've lived here...two years now, and over the years I've heard some horror stories of institutions that adhere to far left or radical ideologies banning people from their stores for very arbitrary, sometimes honestly bigoted sounding reasons; i.e. if I don't like them I can label them, smear their name, make them feel like a criminal and restrict their right to come in my store.

No, I'm not a victim of this kind of mentality, but as a Jewish American...

I'm calling for a re-evaluation of all banned individuals of all stores, info shops, cafe's, etc. for reasons of "politics" in Portland, especially if there are members on the current staffs or volunteers who had had a say in this in any way. I'm also calling for individuals who have brought up cases that sound inane, trite, made up, and quite frankly pseudo fascist in nature to look within themselves and ask themselves if they're being honest with themselves, and are using their ideologies as tools to create a more open and free societies within the basic framework of self accountability, or just hating people who might rub them the wrong way.

Some of these cases are pseudo fascist in mentality and quite frankly, another idea I want to put on the table for someone with the time and gumption would be to organize a collective that could represent people who have been the targets of what if were again allowed to express itself on a wider social spectrum would be nothing short of fundamentalism and organize community wide boycotts of said institutions.

There are people in the "radical" community who quite frankly are owed an apology.

I'm also calling for an evaluation of all banned books. This is a weak form of social engineering, and although in some instances I might be a little more inclined to agree, (though never fully comfortable with and really never really agreeing with) book banning is social engineering, and again, if and when that attitude is allowed to be expressed on a wider social spectrum can lead to fascist attitudes.

This will also go a long way in garnering support for your institutions, seeing as all of them are going belly up. You should be figuring out how to get people in there instead of alienating people. Again, I know a lot of amazing human beings who put a lot of work into these institutions who are currently having to work twice as hard to compensate for the alienation caused by past members bigotries. As it stands there are already unofficial boycotts of these institutions just in terms of how alienated many people are by their actions. This is an attitude that should be reversed.

Ya boy