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SEIU Rally June 30 at Portland State Office Building

I would like these 2 actions/events published on your site. More information can be found at:  http://www.blueoregon.com/2011/06/sb-817-speaks-volumes-about-legislatures-priorities/ and  http://www.blueoregon.com/2011/06/sb-817-speaks-volumes-about-legislatures-priorities/ and  link to
Sisters & brothers:

Save the Date!

Portland State Office Building Rally for a Fair Contract
June 30 (contract expiration date)
Noon - 1 PM, PSOB main entrance
800 NE Oregon Street

Join us for a rally, visit from Portland Rising, and an informational picket*
Stay tuned for additional details

Governor is asking us to take 10% to 20% pay cuts
SEIU 503 --sublocal OHA 219

AFSCME and other unions are invited to let the state know we are united
800 NE Oregon (near Lloyd Center off max)

Invite everyone

I know you are supporting us, but please put on your calendar and let all your members know.

BREAKING: Big Business Lobbyists Trying to Pass Last-Minute Corporate Tax Break in Salem Oregon Senate Bill 817 gives 78 million to corporations and balances the budget on the middle class working folks.

I need 5 minutes of your time so we can beat back the lobbyists who have descended upon Salem in the last days of the legislative session.

We have just learned the Oregon Senate might vote TODAY on the creation of a new tax credit being pushed by an out-of-state venture capital firm. It could cost the state a whopping $78 million over five years. It would be FAR better to invest those millions on schools and healthcare!1

Tell your state senator to vote NO on this new corporate giveaway.

This bill (SB 817) would create a state version of the New Market Tax Credit (NMTC). This lovely-sounding program is supposed to help fund economic development in low-income communities by providing investors with generous tax subsidies.
However, it is a Missouri-based venture capital finance firm called Advantage Capital Partners that has led the lobbying efforts in the Oregon legislature for the subsidy.2
Why would an out-of-state venture capital firm be leading the push for a tax break being sold as a tool to help low-income Oregon communities prosper?

Because, as Bloomberg News found, this tax break can be very lucrative for Wall Street firms. Their investigation discovered the NMTC being used for "more than 300 upscale projects, including hotels, condominiums, office buildings and a car museum, on streets far from poverty."3

We need you to tell your state senator to oppose another tax break for Wall Street.
We know legislators are eager to get out of Salem and enjoy the summer. But we need our elected officials to carefully examine who is really behind the push to divert millions on this new tax break.

All the best,
Noah Heller
Progressive Oregon

1."SB 817: Will Wall Street Score an End-of-Session Win?," Blue Oregon, June 20, 2011
 link to www.blueoregon.com
2. Ibid.
3. "Rich Take From Poor as U.S. Subsidy Law Funds Luxury Hotels," Bloomberg Markets Magazine, February 7, 2011
 link to www.bloomberg.com
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Join us 29.Jun.2011 20:43


Portland Rising Day of Action - Seven Actions in One!

Thursday, June 30, 9:30am - Get on the Bus!

Tomorrow is the big action for Good Jobs and Benefits, No Cuts! June 30th is a critical day in the Portland/Vancouver area for workers' rights. We will support workers in several shops that have contracts expiring on this day as well as others that are currently in negotiations with many creative, exciting actions! And we say no to safety net cuts and push for job creation!

If you're not on the bus, you can still participate in two of the bigger actions: meet us at Noon at 800 NE Oregon, or at 4:15pm at 36th and Hawthorne for the powerful closing rally!

Portland Rising Day of Action
Thursday, June 30, 9:30am
Load bus at 1125 SE Madison
Free parking available - Bus lines 10, 14, 15, 70
RSVP required for bus - (standby only at this point) sign up here:  http://www.jwjpdx.org/misc/portland-rising-get-on-the-bus

If you can commit to the full day, here is what's going to happen. We load up the buses at 9:30 and head out to our first worksite. We'll have fun on the bus, chanting and learning about each other's struggles with games and prizes. We'll stop for a picnic lunch after a powerful rally with SEIU State Workers. Another surprise action will push for job creation, not job destruction through "free trade" agreements. After a couple of more solidarity stops we finish with a surprise action in the heart of Southeast Portland. You must RSVP to get on the bus.  http://www.jwjpdx.org/misc/portland-rising-get-on-the-bus
If possible, please take public transportation or carpool Thursday morning to the Bus Tour starting point. Call Greg at 503-285-6603 to coordinate carpooling.

The Facebook event page for this is here:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=126145554133573

Follow along at  http://twitter.com/#!/JwJpdx and watch for hashtag #PDXRising