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twitter feed from 6.27.11 at 5:20PM

twitter feed from necrotelicom

this shows that she is concerned to nark off some homeless to the mayor
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@MayorSamAdams @necrotelicom Oooh, because it is so important that the vacant lot stay empty. Whiner.

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MayorSamAdamsMayor Sam Adams

Got it. RT @necrotelicom @mayorsamadams homeless camping in vacant lot @ 17th & NE Schuyler. Any help moving them out would be appreciated.

4 minutes ago

necrotelicomMargaret Gustafson

@velvetackbar @mayorsamadams they can use their syringes to roast the marshmallows on?

7 minutes ago

auroracitaJessica H.


@necrotelicom You're Marino's on the 8th? May be out of town again, but if not, I'll be there!

24 minutes ago

necrotelicomMargaret Gustafson

@auroracita i'll be at Marino's on the 8th too. I'll come cheer you on then :)

51 minutes ago

auroracitaJessica H.


@necrotelicom Wish I could be there to see you Friday night! Out of town. :( I'm dancing at Bella's 1st Friday of August!

53 minutes ago

necrotelicomMargaret Gustafson

- having a little moment - 1 week to go before performing and suddenly I want to change my music. Must... wait... it... out...

26 Jun

necrotelicomMargaret Gustafson

26 Jun (5:20PM)