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WrestleMania Fundraiser!!!

Join us for a costumed wrestling party to help raise money for the Black Rose Collective Info shop and all ages venue and legal fees for a few local folks recently charged with cop wrestling.
Let's Wrestle!!! (Flyer for printing)
Let's Wrestle!!! (Flyer for printing)

Let's Wrestle


Join us for a costumed wrestling party at Wrestlemania Park (4080 N Mississippi Ave) Saturday July 9th 4pm - 9pm for an afternoon of costumed wrestling and vegan BBQ mayhem. We will be collecting donations to help keep the Black Rose Infoshop and all ages venue open as well as raising money for legal fees for a few local folk who were alegedly caught in the act wrestling Portland's finest in the streets! We would also love to talk to you about why we want to keep the park a public space and not become the newest condo development on the block. Come at 4pm to help set up the rings, 5pm for group kumbati (a fun group wrestling / tug of war game were sides try to establish and defend a line), 6pm wrestling matches. Bring your own costume and wrestling partner or find one there!

homepage: homepage: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Rose-Infoshop/134588746581590
address: address: 4080 N Mississippi Ave / Shaver, Portland OR