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NEST Video & Online Fundraiser - to save Cascadia's Forests!

NEST is an Oregon-based forest protection group that is raising money to fund our 2011 summer campaign! This is a link to our video & online fundraiser sight!
Since 1998, NEST has conducted volunteer rare animal surveys in order to stop logging in Pacific Northwest Ancient Forests. During this time, NEST has saved thousands of acres of endangered forest from being logged. This summer, we begin the surveys & climbing in July! In order to raise money for our 2011 campaign, we are conducting an online fundraiser! Our goal is to raise $2,000 - to go to climbing gear, camp setup, field supplies, transportation costs, office-type expenses, and more. NEST is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and we need help raising funds so we can do survey work this summer!
Please click here, to see the NEST video and fundraiser site!
Your donations are tax deductible and much appreciated!

homepage: homepage: http://nestcascadia.wordpress.com

photo of Trapper, saved in 2011 26.Jun.2011 13:28

forest owl

photo of Trapper, saved in 2011