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need help? dont call the suicide hotline...

Have you ever been so depressed you thought you might kill yourself? That's where I've been tonight. I tired to talk to a friend about it, but he was too busy. I tried to talk to another friend but she was too busy to. I tried to talk to family, but they acted like I was just "being crazy" and made it clear they did not care. Even my dog walked away from me today, put off by the stressful energy and crying fits I guess.
As a last resort, and after actually making am attempt, I finally broke down and looked up suicide hotlines. I called the first number I came to, multnomah county I think, and,,, I got a recording.

I tried the next one - Hillsboro - and got an answering machine helpfully explaining they were closed.
I called Kaiser's mental health line, and got an answering machine. I called every number on the "Oregon suicide hotlines " list that I found online.

And they were all answering machines and recordings.

I'm just saying.

to MH 27.Jun.2011 20:21


forget about the hotlines, technology and multnomah county.
Get yourself a backpack and start hiking. Get back to nature back to your roots, you need sun, fresh water and fresh air.