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Lost Refuges

Fukushima...Enough said?
Lost Refuges

Where are the refuges now,
the mountains, deep forests,
vast oceans and deserts,
difficult places given to the holy and outlaw?

In undefiled places seers, prophets, and saints;
desperate seekers, sinners and the ostracized
respectively expose themselves to their god
or live hidden with themselves.
These places have gone to vulgarity.

The bosom of nature gives to all without discrimination.
Her lessons are for all.
In the unimaginable depth of time
she offers but slight periods of contradiction
upon which limited faculties focus for lesson.
The lesson and contradiction have now reached
those holy and forsaken refuges by storm.
The poisons arrive upon the winds.
What will be taught may not perceived
until overwhelmed.

While the ultimate refuge
may be guiltless heart and spirit,
the comfort of nature's bosom
seems meant to be with us on the journey.
She teaches of the ultimate god,
gives examples of humility
in orbital, galactic, universal expression;
in atomic and quantum resolve.
Time is seen yet unseen,
unmeasured and eternal,
all-powerful, undemanding, and gentle.
It's prophet is the ever-present
nurture of our physical manifestation
within the general manifestation.

Why separate the spirit and the mass?
When our hearts need comfort,
require suspension of limits in unity of pure spirit,
nature provided
and one could come through the experience
alive and well.
The poison imposes discrimination,
defaults to those who find
the difficulties of resource and loneliness
the product of the need to be hidden;
those to whom exposure is less acceptable
than mistaken radioactive logic.