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Video: Sharing Portland Public Sidewalk Advisory Committee Meeting 6.6.11

This is a 83 min video of the Portland monthly public meeting, regarding the use and sharing of the public sidewalks. This meeting had speakers from "Clean and Safe" and discussion on the "new signs" regarding the sit-lie laws, that are going up in the near future.
This meeting happens every month on the first Monday, its at 3:30 in The Portland Building downtown.

The 6.6.11 Sharing Public Sidewalks meeting video can be seen here:
(83 min)

To watch the video choose the "beta (new) video player" the link is under the video picture in the center.
By clicking the beta version you can stream the video, the "download tab is on the left side of the page near the top

The video (meeting) starts out with a report from "Clean & Safe" by Shane who explains the "Clean & Safe boundaries" and basic program. Then we hear from staff members from within the company who talks about the maintenance & training programs.
We hear from Max (manager) and Darrell (supervisor)... who explain about their roles in the program, and point out what they think are benefits of the Clean & Safe program. Darrell explains how he was part of the problem downtown, and how, through the help of their program, is now clean and sober, and a leader for the company.

Last on this topic the meeting heard from John Randy, regarding the security patrol aspect,(starts about 15:00 minutes into video) he is the CEO and part-owner of the security company Portland Patrol, who contacts to Clean and Safe (and other businesses). They cover 9 parks including waterfront and a lot of downtown. He was clear that Portland Patrol is NOT under exclusive contract with Clean & Safe. They also do not cover Pioneer Square.

This was a long discussion on many aspects of the downtown security issues, from trainings, to uniforms that looked like police, to security w/guns topics, to accountability. Not sure in my opinion if the answers to some of the questions that were raised all were acceptable. I was going to ask a question regarding the patrol officers and then not being required to have name tags. Time ran short and I didn't't get to ask my question.

After the Clean & Safe discussion, the Portland Police discussed tickets and warnings and took questions from the group.
The info that they compiled is on line, I don't have the link as of now.

The group then talked on the new signage. A walk-around to these sign areas is scheduled for Wednesday 6.22.11 with Commissioner Fritz and some others in the committee.
The new signs will help (?) point out where sitting on any part of the sidewalk is *not allowed and also where key spots that sitting will not be allowed from "point A to point B". (Safety concerns on *some of these key spots makes sense to me).
There is a map available that highlights the "No sitting on sidewalk hot spots" which I will try to find a link to and post here soon.

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