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University of Oregon support (financial and otherwise) of Nazis

The University of Oregon supported, funded, and made excuses for a Nazi on campus.
I took a 2 day, 10 hour seminar through the Substance Abuse Prevention Program (SAPP) at the University of Oregon 6/18-6/19. This course was about methamphetamines and their impact on the body, society, and children. Part of the course included 3 guest speakers who had done/been around meth. One of the speakers was a self-proclaimed white supremacist (a murderer as well!) who was in recovery. When I objected to his presence, a student remarked that he did not discuss racial issues, and therefore was entitled to his own opinion; however, this is faulty reasoning on many counts. To begin, he did mention "the white race" various times. For example, he mentioned that "meth is destroying the white race", "meth is a white drug", etc. Furthermore, the subject of his speech is NOT relevant in the slightest; it is his identification with the flawed, backwards, oppression, and scientifically debunked ideology of racial superiority. This man received a stipend for his time. My objections were not taken seriously. The instructor, who is a police officer, dismissed my remarks by saying that "This is the speaker we had today", as if that explained anything at all.

This needs to be taken seriously. As history has shown, if we give them an inch, they take a mile. No fucking nazis on campus, regardless of the context of their visit. Fascism should not be tolerated anywhere. A good, and logical place to start is an environment that proclaims to be supportive of critical thinking, diversity, and safety for individuals of all races/ethnicities/sexualities, etc.

I encourage you to contact the SAPP program and the university of oregon to voice your concern and demand that nazis stay off campus. This should not have happened, and I sincerely hope it does not happen again.

"Don't give them their freedom because their not going to give you yours"

Substance abuse prevention program (SAPP)

Telephone: (541) 346-4135
E-mail:  ann@sapp.uoregon.edu

University of Oregon president:
Telephone: (541) 346-3036
E-mail:  pres@uoregon.edu