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Demo for the elephants at the zoo

June 11, 2011, International Day for Elephants in Zoos sponsored by In Defense of Animals, Radical Cheerleaders for Animal Rights and Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.
In 2008 voters in Portland, OR passed a $125 million dollar bond measure, which was in part to build an offsite preserve for the elephants. Here it is 2011, and there is still no preserve, and the elephants continue to pace on their small lot and Packy, the zoo's most popular and oldest elephant, remains isolated, pacing in his cage or small suburban-size yard. Speak out for the elephants. Call your Metro Councilor to demand a timeline for these elephants to finally get the space they deserve, the space we voted for. And that does not mean the 6 acre expansion the zoo plans to build on site sometime in 2012. Six acres is still far from enough room for 7 elephants, especially when the zoo plans to breed more. metro-region.org Kim Smith, zoo director: 503-226-1561--that is the zoo's central number, just ask for her office.

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great video - 19.Jun.2011 10:22


the image of the elephant pacing back and forth in his concrete prison is heartbreaking. Humans are so disgusting for doing this to him in the name of entertainment.

When is the next demo?

elephants are beautiful, but not in zoos 19.Jun.2011 16:26


I should have been there! Thanxs to those who were. My heart goes out to all elephants in zoos and especially in circuses. They should be sent to sanctuarys where they can roam free. Some people still think zoos save the preservation of species, but they don't realize how confined the great elephants are. Plodding on concrete is terribly painful with their arthrits. They die younger than in the wild. They are bred to draw tourists and $$ and many babies die very young. Elephants are very smart and their confinement is cruel. I cry for them.

Free Packy 19.Jun.2011 18:05

rose tu

Thank you for this video and raising awareness about the troubles of confining the worlds largest land mammals in Zoos. This breaks my heart to see Packy pacing his concrete prison. I do appreciate you asking questions about the zoo bond because this is a lot of money, and as a tax payer-- I voted for this bond to build an off site expansion for Elephants currently at the Oregon zoo. I did not vote yes, to pay to build a new breeding facility-- for expansion of the Elephants in captivity at the Oregon zoo. I feel duped by the Oregon zoo. And now we the citizens, and the elephants at the Oregon zoo are the victims of the old bait and switch game. I call foul play--stop breeding and free Packy Oregon Zoo...