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OBL's Replacement Personally Raised Funds in United States

Al Zawahiri allowed into US to preach Jihad and raise $$$ after killing Sadat
Academy Awards all the way around for Best Actor in a Global Tragedy
Academy Awards all the way around for Best Actor in a Global Tragedy
OBL's new replacement, Al Qaeida second in command Al-Zawahiri, was allowed into the U.S. to raise funds for "children wounded by Russian landmines in Afghanistan" at least twice back in 1990. This is after being imprisoned for three years in Egypt for his role in the killing of President Sadat nine years earlier. Why was a well known Islamic extremist, Jew-baiter, and MURDERER of one of our best allies allowed to enter this country to raise cash for Egyptian Islamic Jihad? It's obvious this guy has been working for us on some level for decades! Just like OBL and the rest of the Bin Laden "family". The Big 'Z' may have been a true Islamic militant when he started out, but under Egyptian Army "torture" he spilled the beans on a close asociate, whom the Army then executed. So his loyalty to his "cause" leaves room for pause. He snitched his own people out straight to the graveyard, which was probably what he was doing on his 1990 Grand Tour of U.S. mosques. So the bloody charade continues........