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Papergirl Portland

Art and its distribution
Papergirl is an all-inclusive participatory, analogue, non-commercial, and impulsive art distribution project for artists and enthusiasts. It is intended to take art distribution out of the galleries and into the streets, via direct delivery to the public in the style of the American paperboy. 

Papergirl is currently taking submissions, and will do so until August 19th, the project's launch date. After the deadline date, distribution begins. Pieces are distributed in rolled and banded stacks of ten to fifteen pieces indiscriminately to passers-by on the street, in an effort to broaden the public's consciousness of local artists and to give artists a wider, more liberated venue to exhibit themselves.

The project was founded in Berlin by Aisha Ronniger and has been carried out every year since 2006. Since then, the project has made a transatlantic migration to the United States and captured the attention of artists throughout the country.

 Papergirl was brought to Portland in 2009 by Abraham Ingle and received more than two hundred submissions.

This year's project will be orchestrated by Steven Schwab and Stephanie Hatten, a Papergirl veteran and is aiming for a broader, more continual scope, with submissions collected year-round and distributed annually during the summer. It will consist of three events: an initial exhibition of featured submissions, followed by distribution, and finally a concluding party. The ending event will commemorate all contributors who donated their effort and time to the project.


August 19 - Soft submission deadline, if you want your art in the exhibition.
August 26th - Art Exhibition at Tracey Gallery on 6th & Everett
September 3rd - Distribution

For more information about the project or submissions, please feel free to either contact us through  papergirlpdx@gmail.com or visit the official website: papergirlportland.wordpress.com

homepage: homepage: http://papergirlportland.wordpress.com