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Goat minding his own buisness gets killed!

Main point is the sheriffs office covers up a goat killing which they did.
There was an incident that happened on June 10, 2011 at the Corbett School district. There was a goat loose and some friends of mine were trying to get it before school began. It was a Ram, and was big, but it belonged to someone. They had trouble getting it so they called animal control who didn't want to be bothered so they called the non-emergency line for the Multnomah County Sheriff and asked for assistance. When the sheriff arrived he stepped out of his car didn't even access the situation, pulled out his weapon and fired on the animal, killing it in its tracks. After shooting the animal he started to ask the people there, "how threatened did you feel?" they said we didn't feel threatened, it was his way of trying to cover up his tracts. After the animal was shot the sheriff called a patty wagon to come pick up the dead goat which is one more way to cover up his tracts. However, this goat belonged to someone. My friends couldn't believe what they had just witnessed, I even called the sheriffs office to complain, but he said maybe the animal was wounded, I said is this how you guys handle things just drive up without even looking into what is going on and ask some questions. If I or anybody else had done what he did we would be in jail. I have tried repeatedly to get some answers from them but they just brush it off. Its a matter of principle, and morals that's why I'm trying to tell someone. I'm in the process of writing a letter to main sheriff and the governor. This happened in Corbett, Oregon, my friends are afraid or don't want to get involved to much, and when I called to report this they wanted my name, which I gave a fake and they wanted my address which I did not give them why do they need that, to come up at night and beat the shit out of me or who knows what. So that's the story. Hope someone will read this and help ask questions.

Killing unarmed goats now 15.Jun.2011 11:11


We know the Portland, Sandy, Tigard etc. police have killed unarmed people. Now the Corbett police are killing unarmed goats too? I guess we all know who not to call in cases like this. And people are afraid to give their names. The "authorities" have managed to keep us all in fear. And now the FBI has even more permission to spy on us. Maybe they thought the goat was a terrorist.

Poor goat 15.Jun.2011 11:52


Animals have no value in this world. Their fears, pains, and joys are meaningless to humans. We are a sad species.

Target shooting in Corbett 15.Jun.2011 23:27

Jeff Farris

There was another incident about a year ago in Corbett Oregon also, they shot a dog 7 times not harming anyone and it was also someones dog, I get the feeling from people out here that the multnomah county sheriff comes out here to practice shooting. This incident is still under investigation meaning hopefully in time people will forget about it and they can drop the case. The sheriffs office has sure managed to push there weight around out here in corbett as were before it was rare to see any cops out here but lately you see them more and more, and practicing their target shooting on our animals.. Brilliant bunch of people IQ's very low amongst the sheriffs department.

Good God 22.Jun.2011 11:59

Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

Thank you so much for sharing this story. This is reprehensible. Did you happen to get the name of the officer? If you have any witnesses, or any other information you would like to share about this, please contact us right away at AnandaFAR(at)gmail(dot)com. We take animal abuse very, very seriously and this demands an investigation. Since you were involved in this incident, I believe you are entitled to a copy of the police report. Please contact the sheriff's office and get a copy. If other law enforcement agencies or emergency agencies were involved, they should have records as well. I will contact Multnomah County Animal Services about it. The more information and documentation we can get, the better. If you know where the goat lived, that would be good too.

Sacrifice 24.Jun.2011 19:00


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