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Announcing the formation of PDX Uprising

Introducing an anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, action oriented organization to Portland! Looking for other people who want to thrown down against the State and Capital? You've come to the right place! Where radicals come to find each other, collaborate, and conspire. Emphasis will be on developing and supporting projects that directly challenge and undermine the existing social order.

Time and date of first meeting TBA - stay tuned!
Calling all misfits, outcasts, rebels, autonomists and radicals; calling on everyone tired of holding a sign and marching in endless circles while our lives come under increasing attack; everyone sick of a protest culture of self-sacrifice, defeat and witness; everyone who wants to stand up against the injustices that surround us; everyone interested in creative resistance rather than ritualized demonstrations.

The goal of PDX Uprising is to serve as a point of contact where people can find allies with whom to act, to develop a collective voice capable of collective action. This call is being made to address an absence of direct action in Portland. PDX Uprising seeks no concessions or compromise from the State. We don't ask, or petition, or plea - we take action to create the world we want to see - one free from cops, bosses, and politicians.

To help with the launch, email me. Otherwise, stay tuned for time and date of first meeting - it's gonna be a hot summer in PDX!