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DOJ Steps to Target States - Trips and breaks a leg

DOJ sent letters this week to several states with medical marijuana laws.
These letters are a threat specifically to co-operatives and marijuana clubs alledging child endangerment, money laundering, and drug trafficking (the only actual charge).
Less regulation on sick!
Less Big Government!
Stormy Ray - Medical Marijuana Patient and Mother
Stormy Ray - Medical Marijuana Patient and Mother
These letters were only form letters, signed by many, but not all of the states Prosecuting attorneys. Multnomah County DA declined to sign it stating

"I don't like to threaten things that we realistically are not geared up to do," Schrunk says. "We've been at the forefront of trying to do rehabilitation for drug offenders. We have one of the oldest drug courts in the country. I think we've tried to have a progressive, realistic view."

This has turned the drug war now into a war of the federal government against the states themselves. The letter specifically declined to persecute seriously ill patients yet insists on removing their source of medicine. Such as Stormy Ray who presents

"This is a good law, given what we are up against with current federal law. I believe that, for our program to have any credibility, we must separate the issue of medical marijuana from the legalization of marijuana. "

The letter threatens that all marijuana co-operatives "check themselves" before they wrek themselves and close and desist in any potentially illegal activities at once. I don't believe that the government really has the resources to close down these shops considering the local DA isn't interested in trying a case; What police force would the federals garrison to close the shops? Homeland Security?

Supposing they do, that won't protect them from prosecution, in fact, it could almost act against them in court as 'evidence' of guilt they were doing something wrong. Yet it does not seem wise to continue this path.

This is a cheap political move from tool of the year (Obama) for political points. The government looks very ineffective when all of their policies, laws, and wishes start failing epically as bad as soviet russia where "vodka drinks you".

Especially considering their MASSIVE fail on the terrorism case where the feds supplied the 'bomb', transport, everything basically to some lonley, brown highschool kid who just wanted someone to pay attention to him. Yes we dont' have mentors like big brother in america. But we do have money to give you a bomb, and then jail you indefinatly for it. Why didn't they teach him how to fix cars instead?

In the meantime the medical marijauna community needs to put their differences aside and flush up some cash for a big-time PR firm to run a nationwide campaign on their behalf.

First get national attention
Second Turn it to your cause/side

this thing will fall like a republicans pants if national opinion turns to the favor of the sick and typressed
from Big government trying to take our jobs!
"they're tryin' to take our jobs!" - (south park)
and freedoms
less regulation
less big government!!!!

If you would like more information about Oregon's Medical Marijuana Program or about becoming a registered cardholder or caregiver, please contact the Stormy Ray Cardholders' Foundation at 503-587-7434, or visit our web site at www.stormyray.org
God Bless Oregon for this great program!