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Update of “the indignant” movement in Greece - Day 20

We want for the current Government to step down now. For an immediate stop payment of the illegal IMF/EU loan. For a new political system. Direct Democracy now!
Update of "the indignant" movement in Greece - Day 20

By free human being (eleftheros anthropos)
Reporting from Greece
June 14, 2011

We want for the current Government to step down now. For an immediate stop payment of the illegal IMF/EU loan. For a new political system. Direct Democracy now!

On Sunday June 5 hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Syntagma square in the center of Athens to protest the IMF loan and the Greek government. This was the largest protest in recent history since the fall of the junta in 1974. Nobody really knows how many people gathered there, but estimates talk about 500,000 to 1,000,000 people.

The movement is asking for the government to step down, for the new IMF/EU loan they are trying to pass on June 15 to be rejected, and a stop of payment for the privies IMF/EU loan as illegal since the Greek parliament has not voted on it to this day. The agreement states that Greece is to forefeet its national sovereignty, current or any future sovereignty the nation may acquire, so that if we default on at least one payment, the debtor countries are able to confiscate any public property, including national resources, public buildings, monuments, islands etc.
After this protest, the mass media finally started talking about the real issues, to an extent anyway, since the public outcry was so large they could not ignore it. There are still fear tactics used to make people accept the illegal loan by politicians, but the movement has grown so large and so fast, that nothing can stop it now.
Politicians are no longer able to make public appearances anywhere and for no reason. Each day, when a politician is spotted a spontaneous protest takes place by citizens who happen to be there. They cannot go for coffee, or to their favorite restaurant without having to be rescued by boats, or police motorcycles or been taken through parks in the dark of the night to get away from angry citizens who demand they step down and be brought to justice. With each passing day the incidents are growing and any meetings held, even in secrecy in expensive hotels are encountered with large protests, where politicians have to find ways to flee from the angry crowd.

Public meetings and direct democracy
Since May 25th, public meetings have sprang all over the country in squares were people have been meeting every night at 21:00pm talking about issues like how the country got into this crisis, asking for direct democracy and how to get there, what changes they want to see in the constitution, demanding that corrupt politicians and businesses are taken to justice, that immunity is revoked from politicians, that they revoke the law that guarantees pension to politicians who are elected, as long as they serve longer than just 9 months, amongst other issues.
The public discussions work with a direct democracy system that was created by the people gathered in the squares. Anyone who wants to present a proposal to be voted on takes a number and goes in front of the public to present it. After discussion, there is a vote.
Support teams have been created, to deal with the logistics of the square take-over, like cleaning teams, feeding teams, a radio station has been set-up to broadcast the public meetings live, outreach teams to take the decisions of the public meetings to neighborhoods around the city and to educate people on the issues and the demands of the movement amongst other things.
The youth are setting the example for the rest of us, as they are showing us how real democracy can work. The Syntagma square is cleaner that ever since the youth have asked people to use the recycling bins they have setup and when they see people throwing papers or cigarette bats on the ground they ask them to pick it up and dispose of it properly.
An area of the square has been created and used as a child care center where parents can take their kids there and paint or play. The kid's paintings are hang on the square for display. It is interesting that many of the kids are painting pictures with messages like "Freedom", "Do not take our future away" and "let us live".
The discussion amongst the people has started and you can hear conversations around the issue everywhere you go in Greece. In the bus stops while people wait, strangers will begin to talk about the corrupt political system and the hard measures the government is taking. In restaurants while people eat, on the beach while people are swimming, it is the main topic of the day, every day.

What the elites don't understand is that with their ways, they have awaken the people and the people are angry. This is not going away, no matter how much the politicians may wish for, and no matter how much propaganda the mass media may produce to confuse people. For the first time in decades, the Greek people are uniting in a way that we haven't seen since the dictatorship of Papadopoulos back in the early 70s.
Mass lawsuits are filed by citizens around the country against their local officials, warning them that if they vote for the new loan they are trying to pass in the Greek Parliament in the following days, they will be taken to court.
The mass media has tried to downplay the movement, saying that the uprising will eventually go away or that people will soon go to holidays and it will die off. A few days ago, when for a couple of days the number of people going to Syntagma square got smaller, the media begun its propaganda that it is coming to an end. But the last couple of days the numbers grew again and the crowd became more aggressive marching to the gate of the parliament where police buses have been setup there to make sure people do not storm the parliament.
On June 15, a massive protest has been called on and a human chain will be formed around the Parliament, so that the politicians cannot get in to vote on the new IMF loan and agreement they are trying to pass. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the next few days, us the movement is taking it a step higher.

Here we produce some parts of what is in this agreement and why people are so angry about it. The Greek Government has basically signed its national sovereignty away. This is directly taken from the actual Loan Facility Agreement, the first loan agreement that still has not passed in the Parliament but has been signed by the Minister of Economy and the money have been disburse:
(5) The Borrower hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives all immunity to which it is or may become entitled, in respect of itself or its assets, from legal proceedings in relation of this Agreement, including, without limitation, immunity from suit, judgement or other order, from attachment, arrest or injunction prior to judgement, and from execution and enforcement against its assets to the extent not prohibited by mandatory law.
Annex 4 - Form of Legal Opinion (pg 25)
12 - Neither the Borrower nor any of its property are immune on the grounds of sovereignty or otherwise from jurisdiction, attachment - whether before or after judgment - or execution in respect of any action or proceeding relating to the agreement.

On the lighter side:

The crowd applauded as the newlyweds came to Syntagma square just after they got married.