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Rep. Kucinich calls for end to Federal Reserve May 31, 2011

The Founders Did Not Intend For America to Be Run By Big Banks and Wall Street


Representative Dennis Kucinich on the House floor May 31, 2011. text transcript of what he says in this 1-minute video:
"Why are we in debt? We borrow trillions for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq... trillions for tax cuts for the rich. We borrow billions from China and Japan. We have plenty of money for war, Wall Street, and welfare for the wealthy. But when millions of honest Americans need jobs, need wage increases, need health care, need education, need retirement security - they're told 'no, we don't have the money'.

How is it that the Fed can create trillions of dollars to give to the banks, but the U.S. can't meet its needs without going into debt to banks? The financial system works for a few at the expense of the many. The founders did not intend for America to be run by big banks and Wall Street. The Constitution put the ability to create money in the hands of Congress. The Fed took away that power in 1913. We need to get that power back - to invest in our economy, to create jobs, to put America back to work, to rebuild America without going into debt. We must reclaim our destiny, by reclaiming control over the money system."

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