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Need volunteers to help distribute 'zine

Much help needed for distribution of butt-kickin' zine
Hey all, just looking for anybody who would like to help copy/distribute editions of "revolucion!" (totally awesome self-published manual on ways to build a non-violent revolution ;) anybody interested in receiving a copy for reproduction/distribution can e-mail me at  rabblerouser66@yahoo.com and I can e-mail one to you or send via USPS if you prefer a hard copy. Any and all help is much appreciated!

zinelibrary.net ? 10.Jun.2011 14:54

anonymous or made up

Maybe you should just make it available through zinelibrary.net and then post the link here?

A lot easier and more anonymous than having folks e-mail you for copies.

send via USPS? 13.Jun.2011 11:08


Seriously? You're going to send your "revolutionary" zine via USPS.

What's next a Vegan meeting at a McDonalds?

#1 - don't cut down trees for your stupid fucking zine.
#2 - F the government, don't support it buying stamps and mailing shit around.