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VEGANS BE WARNED: Monsoon Thai on N Missussippi will try to feed you oyster sauce!

Do NOT eat at Monsoon Thai cuisine if you do not want to be fed MEAT. That's Monsoon Thai at 4236 n Mississippi.
I ordered an item that was supposed to be vegan. I specifically said I wanted no meat whatsoever, just to be on the safe side. (Because we had some recent unpleasantness up in Seattle where we accidentally got fish sauce in what was supposed to have been vegan Thai food. But in that case, at least they were really nice about it.)

When the meal came, I took a huge bite.. and tasted fish.

All right, now being served fish twice in one month at a Thai restaurant was kind of aggravating. But, you know, sometimes people make mistakes. (Yeh, Cicada, like those cheese chips.) So I wasn't out for blood, I just wanted to let them know that this ain't cool. I went over to where the cook, hostess, and waiter were sitting down, and asked whether there was oyster sauce in my dish. She said yes, and then indicated that there was no problem with it. I reminded her that I had asked if it was vegan, and was told that it was, and that I had asked again, no meat at all, right? She started to tell me that I didn't say "totally vegetarian." All of them "explained," with varying degrees of annoyance, that there are "many types of vegetarian" and that I did not specify which type I am. I said, um, I'm the kind who DOESN'T EAT MEAT. You know, that stuff I specifically asked you to leave out? I then pointed to the menu, where ingredients are spelled out, and some things on the menu show that they have oyster sauce.
But...not the item I ordered.

I asked them to either stop using fish sauce on "vegetarian" items, and to indicate on the menu when something has fish. They were very snotty about it, refusing to acknowledge anything wrong with serving fish to vegans.

Then, if you can believe it, they actually expected me to PAY for the privilege of being force fed little, dead, oysters. Needless to say, I did NOT.

If you care whether meatless meals are actually meatless, stay away from this place. Grrr.


Rollz 09.Jun.2011 16:58


One time I ordered the salad rolls and one of them had chicken in it!

I think they're generally well-meaning people, though. Just not very good at catering to vegans/veggies.

These people were actually written up in the Rocket a few weeks ago 09.Jun.2011 21:01


They have been caught by many people "spiking" vegan food.
A spike can be as subtle as using a utensil that has animal fat on it,
or using animal fat in cooking - or it can be blatant inclusion of animal
parts in your food. These people are only caught 3% of the time, so you
were lucky to catch them.

iF you catch them again, I would file a lawsuit or engage in a counter-spike

Peace in the middle East and Feng Shui dreams,

I'm a veggie, too, but... 09.Jun.2011 21:36


Seriously? Have you traveled much? I've been in lots of places where I ask for vegetarian food, or no meat, and I'm served chicken or fish. I think it's wrong to assume that everyone everywhere knows exactly what you mean when you say vegetarian or vegan. I'm sure for a lot of people, oyster sauce and fish sauce does not equal meat. Just tell them you don't want fish/oyster sauce and chill out.

Risky 10.Jun.2011 08:48

Den Mark, Vancouver

Eating out is risky. You never really know what's going on in the kitchen. For every violation of whatever that is found, there are surely more that are not. Is that organic salad really organic. Is that bread really free from gmo ingredients. Does the place really not use msg. You eat out, you take a chance.