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Why are men terminally stupid where women concerned?

U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has been caught in a sting involving an unwise exchange of inappropriate cyber messages and images with a young ex-US Army enlisted bimbo from Texas who was only too happy to "out" Weiner by sharing his communications with right wing news outlets. This writer never ceases to be mystified that otherwise intelligent men whose service are sorely needed by their nation risk their careers to exchange a salacious email or image with some unimportant and conniving vixen in a chat room.
Why are men--even highly intelligent and talented ones such as Anthony Weiner--always terminally stupid in the hands of a conniving female?

Anthony Weiner was, and I would hope is, a bright spot in a dull lineup of Democratic leaders. He speaks the truth to power and is not a coward like Barack Obama in the face of withering Republican opposition.

For these reasons, Weiner has been set up by a bimbo from the enlisted ranks of the US Army. And her "exposť" of Weiner conveniently comes on Fox News. She is not worthy of polishing his boots or cleaning his home, but she has tarnished, if not destroyed, his political career.

Such is the nature of the male-female relationship in this society at this time.

I wish we humans were monoclinous in form. That is, I wish each individual was complete in itself, having both male and female characteristics and needing nothing external to be complete. Roses get along well this way. No bimbo rose from the enlisted ranks of flowers can wreak havoc in a rose garden by offering some blue talk or photos of her petal undersides to the other roses!

Seriously, I have seen too many talented and important men destroyed or damaged in terms of reputation and honor by a self-serving female. I would have thought Representative Anthony Weiner of New York State too intelligent to have been trapped in such a manner. But apparently not.

The incident is not very important in terms of Weiner's worth as a legislator and an intelligent man, but this is America and members of the hypocritical Republican base, most of whom probably access pornography frequently and pursue illicit affairs regularly, will never cease harping on the matter for political gain.

One more talented and good man has been damaged or destroyed by a vicious vixen with half his intelligence quotient and potential.

Rudyard Kipling wrote in his poem, The Betrothed, "And a woman is only a woman, but a good Cigar is a Smoke."

It's something to think about, boys,

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You must have missed Weiner's press conference yesterday 07.Jun.2011 18:57

Toe Tag

He wasn't set up by anyone. He's been doing this shit for years.

perhaps its not men who are stupid 07.Jun.2011 19:09


Men, I must say are not always the sharpest tool in the shed (no pun intended), but all this is a sociological problem.

The reason why its of note in the media reflects the main cause to the source of the problem and its indeed ironic. The media stupid.

Indeed porn is one of the great drivers of the information highway the other of course in mass murder. That's right mass murder.
But that OK its your governments command and control system. And indeed what great control of Wieners wiener.

Just think wiener was trying to be nice and not hurt anyone by being sneaky. But unfortunately he was caught cheating, breaking a legal contract, marriage. That is bad.

But mass killing, oligarchy, occupation, putting the poor on the street, and maintaining a Jewish Disneyland in the Mideast, and thinking the democrats are actually not Nazi republicans, is not so bad.
The Real Wiener
The Real Wiener