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Zombie WOPR Still Alive

Like a zombie in a bad horror movie, the Bush administration's Western Oregon Plan Revision (WOPR)is back from the dead. A Washington, D.C. court recently ruled in favor of the timber industry, finding that the Obama administration failed to provide for adequate notice and comment before withdrawing WOPR in 2009.
Now, the WOPR is back in effect and the Obama administration is contemplating the next steps for these 2.6 million acres of federal forest in Western Oregon.

The WOPR is a disastrous plan that would open up currently protected forests to clearcut logging, including streamside forests, and is predicated on logging much of the remaining old-growth in these BLM forests. It would also allow a 400% increase in logging of northern spotted owl habitat, the elimination of 680 known owl nesting sites, and construction of 1000 miles of new logging roads.
In addition, WOPR would remove special designations such as the Applegate Adaptive Management Area and Areas of Critical Environmental Concern. Thus far, the administration has given no indication if it plans to again withdraw the controversial logging plan.

At the same time, the administration is finalizing a Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan drafted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The agency is facing pressure to weaken provisions in the draft that enhance owl protections on private, state and federal lands. The recovery plan has broad implications about the future of Pacific Northwest Forests and the protection of the region's remaining at-risk old-growth. KS Wild is urging the final plan reflect the best available science, which calls for the protection of the remaining at-risk mature and old-growth in the range of the owl.

Please contact the Secretary of the Interior and respectfully urge him to: 1) to withdraw the Western Oregon Plan Revisions, and 2) finalize the spotted owl recovery plan using the best available science.

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