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Automaker Factory Output Must Be Further Controlled and Regulated

When one observes drivers hurtling across the landscape, its clear that the abuse of power under the hood is widespread.
Incentives for the right vehicles.

Disincentives for the wrong vehicles.

Incentives for the vehicles which are pedestrian, bicyclist, wildlife, neighborhood, and climate friendly.

Disincentives for those which are not.

Most Petrolvees now have too much power under the hood. Disincentives are to be applied to their manufacture and purchase.

No longer shall consumers be able to get easy financing for the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Suburban class vehicles. No more "zero down, O% APR."

By contrast, incentives shall mature and remain for lightweight, energy efficient EVs and PHEVs.

Toyota, your forthcoming 3900+ pound RAV4 EV is too big and heavy.