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Queer Activism and the "Radical" Community

I'm trying to find out if there's any dialogue between Queer activist groups and people who inherently support Queer activism but belong to other more broader social networks.
I just found out today that in response to a physical assault against two men holding hands on the Hawthorn bridge, there was a demonstration of Queer activist groups. There is no mention on this website of this. The question I want to pose is, is there any dialogue between Queer activists and other "radical" political groups, and if there isn't, how can we create it? There is, as I've always understood it a chronic distrust among LGBT of the Police in handling things like this. I also know that in this country especially, people who are institutionally disenfranchised on a brooder political spectrum have a tendency to cling to the hopes of democratic reform, and might be weary of having people who are inherently anti-establishment and "radical" on their side, if only for politics sake. But still, the fact that not one member of the Queer community thought to post anything on this web site with the hope in mind of finding people to stand in solidarity with them is not a good sign.

"Organizing" Stuff Is Hard 04.Jun.2011 00:08


Gay and lesbian issues are welcomed. But it takes time and much effort. If gay and lesbian people are oppressed, that certainly should be protested. But there is so damn much other stuff to be protested.

You sort of have to get it in the pipeline. Lots of bad shit is going down. We have to pace ourselves, or burn out. The gay and lesbian people can do that alone, or wait for the rest of us. There is so much to protest. There is a huge backlog!

Yes it was 04.Jun.2011 16:36


I saw it on this website--sorry i could not attend.

Next Protest?? 05.Jun.2011 07:53


There are so many issues to protest we really need to be out every single day on the streets protesting in Portland.
whether is LGBTQ issues, animal rights, union rights, hair rights, aqua farming rights, free healthcare / food / housing rights, maternerity rights for transgendered, clothing optional babysitters, nuclear disarmament freedom rights, bicycle maintenance week.

EVERY SINGLE DAY - we need to block streets, intersections, screaming, getting in peoples faces.

pioneer square should be the people's square! 05.Jun.2011 10:49


It's true that there are so many things to work on ... where are our social movements?

We need more visible, public, social organizing spaces. Why not take back pioneer square and create a manifestation of social struggle, like they've done in greece, and spain, and egypt recently?

Make it an information hub, a space for free food distribution, free bike maintenance, a place to sleep safely at night without worry of police, a space for discussion and debate and a launching pad for decentralized and autonomous action for change!

Or perhaps we could make use of one of the many huge abandoned buildings around town? Occupy everything and convert these dead spaces to living, breathing, creative zones for the community to thrive and grow ... once there are thousands of people on board, of course, anything is possible!