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The Civilized Barbarien

Enough of Western terrorism!
The Civilized Barbarian

If you really want to put an end to terrorism, you have to begin by no longer participating in it." Noam Chomsky... .or more sharply, "stop killing their babies." As put by Georgia state law professor Natsu Saito.

From the book: on the Justice of
Roosting Chickens by Ward Churchill

A civilized barbarian, that's what the West reminds of. For some, this piece may just be about double standards but it's not. What the West is doing and saying and telling others to do is beyond the all-too-quickly used term: double standards. Well beyond. There is no standard in Western criminal capitalist foreign policy. It's really what G. Bush, the senior criminal, said once: "What we say goes."

I bought the paper today here in Tokyo to see what's going on in the world according to the lackeys in the mass media. It seems that all the evil, the barbarism, the backwardness, the terrorism in the world come from and are located over there... you know... in the Arab world, Africa, southeast Asia, China, Iran... pretty much anything outside the greedy G8. And it is all too conveniently situated around oil fields and anything that is coveted by the ravenous West. It's everyday like this. If one is not cautious, one might believe that the West is under siege by barbarians.

A couple of Western leaders, at Sarkozy's invitation, get together and Libya is being bombed at will (to liberate its people... .of their oil). In the paper it says that NATO jets blasted Libya's capital. Another article is about Switzerland ordering Assad's assets to be frozen. The Syrian president is also banned from traveling to or through Switzerland, according to government decree. Pathetic little Switzerland! Ha!

Netanyahu, the leader of the only democratic apartheid regime in the Middle East that is holding the whole of the Palestinian population in a prison camp, is treated to standing ovations from U.S. lawmakers for saying that he is ready to make "painful compromises" to achieve historical peace. Painful? I guess for that pathetic little Zionist just pronouncing Palestinian is painful.
Insult upon injury upon insult upon injury... .

Another piece says: "Watchdog reports Sudan 'war crimes'.
But what about Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan?
Lars von Trier says that Israel is busting our balls and the West goes into uproar... he is kicked out of Cannes .

U.S. navy SEALS barge into a sovereign country, Pakistan, assassinate a man and leave. In 1989, the USA attack a sovereign country, Panama, kidnap its president, kill thousands in the process and leave. US drones bomb indiscriminately all over Afghanistan killing entire innocent families and nobody is ever held responsible for these crimes, charged, brought to court... Israel rampages through Palestine, sea, land, sky... .not even a slap on the wrist...
The West, silence... ... .
Anyone and anything that resists the West's plunder of the rest of our world is put on the terror list made by... ..the West.
Don't you think it's getting worse? The impunity is appalling. The West is shameless. And it is all probably due to Western economic decline... the monster has become desperate.

I have to say that the news of the death of Osama Ben Laden made me a bit sad. Although I doubt that we could have sat down to chat over a beer, he made more sense to me that any of the sleazebag Western leaders. His grievances were legitimate.
But then, who knows, maybe he is not dead... .maybe he is with Elvis...

For fun's sake, can anyone try to imagine the Arab League putting a special force commando team together and sending it to Texas to assassinate G.W. Bush on his ranch? The action would be legitimate at least in this case since the U.S.-U.K.-led war on Iraq, in which more than a million Iraqis have been killed for oil so far, was declared illegal by the former UN chief Kofi Annan.

I'm writing from Japan, near Tokyo, and you all know what happened here in March and is still going on. Personally, I am rejoicing. The Japanese capitalist economy has been badly damaged. We on the Left all want the demise of capitalism, right? Well? To me it doesn't matter how it happens. Hell, I hope it gets worse! Because, to be honest, I am not putting much faith anymore into the organizational skills of the Western Left. I'd rather rely on natural disasters. They are much more radical and serious.

As for Japan, in case you didn't know, this is a fascist country. It has always been on the wrong side of History. Always. It has supported every single US military criminal adventure of plunder (not to mention its History before and during ww2). In the mist of its own recent tragedy, monster earthquake, monster tsunami and nuclear reactor explosions, this pathetic little country actually found the time to vote for the UN resolution to bomb Libya. At least, this time, it could have abstained. That's when I thought Japan... to the flames!
And do not send any donations to Japan. They have the money. They have stolen more than enough. Send them to Haiti or the Hamas in Gaza instead. That's what I did.

Now you might say I should be careful to separate the people from the government. No, I don't want to. I do not care. Does the West do that when it goes bombing around the world in pursuit of happiness? Shall we ask the Iraqis, the Afghans, the Palestinians... ? Shall we talk about the daily "collateral damage"?
Earlier I mentioned indiscriminate Western military terrorism. Don't even get me started on its daily economic and cultural terrorism against anyone or anything daring to resist its greed.

Enough is enough!

So, here is my point loud and clear, from the bottom of my heart, in the words of the late Nazir Qabbani, the poet of love: I am with terrorism of the oppressed!

"I am with terrorism
As long as the new world order
Wants to slaughter my off-spring
And send them to dogs.
For all this
I raise my voice high:
I am with terrorism
I am with terrorism
I am with terrorism... ..
Nizar Qabbani / London, 15 Nisan (April) 1997
Link to full poem:

I am with terrorism of the oppressed by the gluttonous West because, as I.R. Sanchez said once, an attack is a test of truth and also a message of hope for all the forgotten in the ghettos of capitalism and the refugee camps.

Now, to the "peace-loving" Westerner and Japanese who might read this piece and find it shocking, outrageous, offending or just plain stupid and might be tempted to send me a comment... don't bother... I am not interested in arguing, debating with you or anything you have to say... unless you agree with me and the hundreds of millions of the wretched barbarians whose sufferings are the pillars of Western comfort.
I am not open to discussion.
I do not agree to disagree.

Hey Westerner and you westernized Japanese, here is a poem that speaks directly to you, especially the end:

WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS by Constantine P. Cavafy (1904) :

Brkic Sulejman

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