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What's going on in Geneva? Bilderberger meeting in Geneva. (translated)

Bilderbergs plan secret meetings in Geneva.
Translated from German:

What's going on in Geneva? Bilderberger meeting in Geneva.

Published information about three months, was that the Bilderberg meeting will take place in St. Moritz. At that time there was a coup for those who oppose us consider the Bilderbergers. But it seemed that the information came out too easily and was too lazy. In other words, it seemed suspicious. Does anyone really vet the source? All these questions should be asked when it will be an organization such as the Bilderbergers.

Before proceeding, it should be clarified, the Bilderberg meeting will be in fact in St. Moritz of 9 June - 12 June. Many important personalities at the meeting in St. Moritz, like Henry Kissinger. But the meeting in St. Moritz is only part of the story. The meeting in St. Moritz is a trick, a farce, a dim. No doubt, interesting information will be discussed in St. Moritz, but other sinister meetings of the Steering Committee members in Geneva, Switzerland, during the time of the Bilderbergers are occurring in Switzerland.

useful in many ways. Our focus on St. Moritz, it is Bilderberg be there, but some also occur at Geneva, because they do not believe us know about it. They want us to protest our attention to St. Moritz, where we and try to determine what is in focus of the meeting occurring all the time, they make plans in the relative safety of Geneva.

Various sources have indicated that there not something in Geneva. Most importantly, has leaked a person who works for a security company that the company he works for was hired for an event in Geneva from 8 June - 12 June. The company is secretly on the event, which he claims is odd. He does not know the exact location or the security is for all that he knows that the event is called Operation romance.

Another source indicates the meetings we know are important, but secret meetings such as the one in Geneva used to make many decisions and to set the agenda. The meeting in Geneva as comprising the most powerful of the powerful. The Bilderbergers have played us for fools, but now we have the upper hand.

This is our chance. We can prove that the Bilderbergers can then, can not hide from us or deceive. We must take place in Geneva measures. This is our moment, this is our time.

More information is needed. We still do not know the exact location of the meeting in Geneva. Some information is in the International Olympic Committee will be held, but it is not clear. Anyway, we need people to be on this and research what happened in Geneva, to report.