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Bill Negatively Affecting Struggle Against LNG Passes Oregon Legislature

Tuesday morning, the Oregon state Senate passed HB 2700, the bill that allows a company to apply for and receive removal/fill permits on private property without landowner knowledge or consent. This is a bad bill. The passage of this bill infringes on private property rights by allowing companies building LNG-related pipelines to begin the state permitting process without landowners having a say about proposed activities on their property. For three years, we have called this the "LNG fast-track bill." The bill already passed the House, so it now sits on Governor Kitzhaber's desk awaiting his signature.

If you are a landowner along the pipeline route and you receive notice from LNG companies or the Department of State Lands that they issued a permit for your property, please let us know immediately.

The Good News: We can still stop LNG projects in southern Oregon! Yes votes on this bill do not represent a yes vote on LNG. Many legislators believe that this bill is needed for municipalities and incorrectly believe that it does not impact LNG, that LNG is no longer a threat to Oregon or that the LNG proposals are already dead. While it is unfortunate that some of the legislators are misinformed, that does not mean they support the LNG projects....stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to weigh in on the federal level with respect to LNG pipeline impacts to public lands and rivers in southern Oregon.

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