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An American Disaster

Consider this...
Severe Weather May 31, 2011
Severe Weather May 31, 2011
The attached graphic displays 'severe weather warnings' for the United States. Three major river systems in the United States are at record breaking flood levels, as displayed by the green color on the map. Both the Missouri and the Ohio river systems feed into the Mississippi. The Mississippi system is now carrying a tower of water almost sixty feet in height which is just below the maximum height of the system of levees. Given the flooded river systems that continue to feed water into the Mississippi delta, this state of flooding can be expected to continue on until at least the end of June. Meanwhile the snow pack continues to build up around the source of the Missourri which means that further melting and continued flooding can be expected here well into the summer, which will then continue to feed the Mississippi.

At the same time conditions are becoming favorable for a prompt start to the hurricane season (on June 1st, 2011). Sea surface temperatures in the Caribbean are above average, and tropical waves from Africa are due to arrive around June 3rd, just as favorable wind shear conditions are projected to develop in the Gulf region allowing the development of tropical storms.

Now no one likes chicken little. That is why a mocking parable was invented so as to make fun of chicken little in the hope that whenever people hear from chicken little they will remember that children's tale and then just mock chicken little and go on with their lives while ignoring all hysterical warnings that perhaps the sky might be falling.

It would seem to me that if the sky was falling then any reasonable person who examined the evidence should be able to determine for themselves whether or not the sky was falling and draw their own conclusions. If this was not true then it would follow from this that perhaps the sky was not falling for the evidence just was not there to support this judgment.

If you look at a map of the United States you will notice that urban areas are clustered around the river system. This would include such large major urban areas as Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Memphis and St. Louis, as well as many other smaller urban communities, with the total population in these areas numbered in the millions.

Now given that we have a topped off system that is engorged and is being continually fed by record flooding from beginning at the source to the end in the Gulf, and given that this system will remain engorged well into the summer, it then becomes quite obvious that one thing those people do not need right now would be to have the heavy rains of hurricanes being dumped into their already topped off systems. Given that this is the most likely scenario we can then predict an American disaster this summer.

I am astonished that so little is being said and that silence prevails. But then perhaps when people see something like that coming for them, it becomes the great unmentionable and they try not to think about it.

This then leads me to wonder just how many of those people in those urban areas are about to be killed. You see they have to buy and sell things to each other and they have to send out invoices for this and that and they have to respond to invoices by the specified dates, and so on and so on. If they were to vacate the premises and leave town we should expect them to wait to the last minute so as to minimize the loss of profits. These are very large modern urban areas and so when suddenly millions of people get the idea in their heads to leave right at the very last minute, that will prove to be a fiasco. We can then imagine some people being drowned in their cars because of the grid lock on those freeway systems.

We can also imagine seeing the rotting corpses of poverty stricken black Americans rafting down stream on torrents of water. These were the people who lived from payday to payday and just did not have the extra cash to be able to afford to buy a ticket on the next greyhound bus out of town. They also could not leave early even if they could scrape together a few bucks for a greyhound because they are so enslaved by the system that if they missed even one or two days of work they would fall hopelessly behind and wind up either being evicted or having their power shut off. For these reasons their corpses were then fished out of the rivers later or were washed right out to sea never to be seen again.

We can also imagine all those people in congested urban areas huddled on the roofs of their houses, waiting for rescue that was not going to come, given the logistical nightmare involved in saving millions of people in modern urban disaster zones. To compound the problem there just wasn't enough time for the next hurricane was looming like a gigantic tower on the horizon, which meant that there was no choice but to leave those people on their roof tops to meet their fate while the rest of the world gaped in horror at the dreadful unfolding spectacle.

For what we had here was not just a 'natural disaster', but it was also a human social disaster, for it turns out that this capitalist system is so brittle and inflexible that it was required that millions of people remain at work right up until the day that the flood washed them away, this being true even when it was becoming pretty obvious that something like that was about to happen. As Albert Einstein so correctly noted in his paper, 'Why Socialism', it is this denigration of the individual which is the very worst evil of capitalism, for there just wasn't anyway for the human race to take a vacation and shut down that capitalist system for a day or a few weeks, but instead they became like enslaved hamsters restlessly spinning around and around inside those hamster wheels, and they were unable to get off.

democracy is dying 02.Jun.2011 10:51

the colonial whisperer

The colonials believe their lies that they will remain on Turtle Island forever.
The colonials should shit in one hand and wish in the other hand, and see which one fills up first.